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results-cosmetic-surgery.pngTummy tuck benefits and expectations

11 December 2017

This article represents a brief description of tummy tuck benefits and brief description of the procedure. Its purpose is to make the decision making easier to a client and provide information regarding the procedure. ... read more >



facelift-cost-uk-europe.jpgFacelift cost in the UK and elsewhere

22 October 2017

Aesthetic and plastic surgeries are common procedures among general public. Such surgeries have been here to solve various kinds of imperfections. Facelift surgery is one of the most ... read more >



scars-breast-surgery.jpgScars treatment after Breast surgery

28 September 2017

Scars are natural means of healing once there is an incision. The process of scaring is quite complex and more than anywhere else it is highly desirable to get it done in the best possible way regarding cosmetic and aesthetic surgery ... read more >



scars-tummy-tuck.jpgScars and healing of scars after Tummy tuck

18 September 2017

It is obvious from the brief description of abdominoplasty that the extent of the procedure is quite large. The extent of the procedure and scope of the incisions determine the recovery and healing of the scars ... read more >



scars-facelift.jpgScars and healing process after Facelift

24 August 2017

Scars are natural means of body’s healing systems once the body gets injured. Scars repair the tissues and literally knit them together with newly developed skin layers. ... read more >



what-is-eyelid-surgery.jpgWhat to expect from Eyelid Surgery

12 August 2017

Eyes are the gates to our soul and naturally attract a lot of attention. We can find plenty of articles on how important the eye contact is and we depend on our eyes in many occasions. Therefore there is no wonder why... read more >



fleur-de-lis-tummy-tuck.jpgFleur De Lis Abdominoplasty technique

26 June 2017

You might already have read about standard tummy tuck on our pages. Now we would like to present to you another Abdominoplasty procedure.Fleur-de-lis Abdominoplasty is a procedure designed for... read more >



guide-to-lollipop-breast-lift.jpgGuide to Breast lift - Lollipop method

16 June 2017

The lollipop breast lift is a delicate surgery procedure which aims to bring breasts fuller and firmer look. The procedure allows the surgeon shape the breasts in a necessary​.... read more >



what-is-medial-thigh-lift.jpgWhat is medial thigh lift technique?

09 June 2017

Regular medial thigh lift has brought many persistent problems, such as inferior migration and widening of scars, lateral traction deformity of the vulva, and early recurrence of ptosis..... read more >



what-is-mid-facelift.jpgMid Facelift Technique​

02 June 2017

As we are going through the process of aging our skin loses its tone, elasticity and tends to sag. This sagging mostly affects the area of cheeks, neck and eyelids too. A common factor in this process is caused.... read more >



what-is-benelli-breast-lift.jpgBenelli Breast Lift metho​d

29 May 2017

This method is not a traditional kind of a breast lift. It differs in several ways. First of all it does not lift the breasts directly, it makes them look and feel fuller, richer and firmer..... read more >



inverted-t-breast-lift.jpgWhat is inverted T Breast Lift?​

19 May 2017

The inverted T Breast Lift is a technique indicated in women suffering from moderate or severe breast sagging. The technique is called by the shape of the incision typical for this kind of procedure. .... read more >



affordable-surgery.jpgAffordable cosmetic surgery​

13 May 2017

Nowadays when more and more people are taking care of their looks and try to feel, be and look youngish, cosmetic, or aesthetic, surgery is becoming more common..... read more >



breast-reduction-anchor-technique.jpgBreast reduction - Anchor technique

05 May 2017

Some women are concerned about the breasts that are overly large for their figure causing problems such as pain in neck, shoulders or back. Too large breast are likely to make some women feel self-conscious and embarrassed.... read more >



outer-thigh-lift.jpgWhat is outer thigh lift surgery​?

28 April 2017

A new thigh-buttock lift procedure was designed with a transverse resection of redundant skin and fat of the trunk and an incisional scar within high-cut bikini lines... read more >



breast-augmentation-inframammary-technique.jpgBreast augmentation - inframammary incisio​n

21 April 2017

An inframammary technique is the most common Breast Augmentation procedure for placing a breast implant. This approach allows the surgeon to proceed the incision in or next to... read more >



how-to-avoid-breast-implants-reoperation.jpgTypes of Breast implants

07 April 2017

There are several types of breast implants. Nowadays there are three types of breast implants available and these are subsequently divided into various sections according to their dimensions such as shape, size and profile... read more >



malebreast-reduction-excision-technique.jpgMale breast reduction - Excision technique​

24 March 2017

Excision technique is required if the size of areola needs to be reduced or nipple is to be repositioned to achieve more natural male contour. This technique also allows surgeons to remove glandular breast tissue or excess skin... read more >



gynecomastiat-liposuction.jpgMale breast reduction - Liposuction technique

24 March 2017

Gynecomastia literally means woman breast and is used to refer to a transient or permanent enlargement of the male breas... read more >




smas-facelif.jpgSMAS Facelift

17 March 2017

SMAS stands for a technique called „Superficial musculoaponeurotic system“ – SMAS facelift. It means that the surgery affects the muscle and fascia too. This surgery is now taken as long-lasting attitude towards the facelift issues with most effective results... read more >



open-rhinoplasty-method.jpgNose Surgery - Open Rhinoplasty

27 February 2017

Open rhinoplasty commonly called open incisional two or three section rhinoplasty. This surgery is performed by leading an external incision at the base of outer termination of the septum – columella. ... read more >



introduction-to-breas-reductiont-srugery.jpgIntroduction to Breast reduction surgery​

14 February 2017

There are many techniques currently available for breast reduction. Vertical  (lollipop) technique offers less invasive, simpler form of operation without inframammary lengthy incision ... read more >



what-is-standard-tummy-tuck.jpgStandard Tummy Tuck​

03 February 2017

This procedure involves two major incisions and is often combined with liposuction so that the best results are achieved. One of the incisions passes from one hip to the other hip slightly above the pubic area ... read more >



private-cosmetic-surgery-nlh.jpgHow to choose the right private cosmetic surgery clinic?​

25 January 2017

As aesthetic surgery is getting not only more popular among population but also more available, it is being used by more and more clients worldwide... read more >



psi-plastic-surgery-imaging.jpgPlastic Surgery Imaging free

18 January 2017

For those of you who are considering a cosmetic or aesthetic surgery but you are not confident about it and the results either, we offer you a unique offer.... read more >




wha-really-expect-immediately-after-surgery.jpgExpectations after cosmetic surgery

16 December 2016

Clients’ expectations after cosmetic surgery are various and sometimes unexpected. In New Look Holiday, we often come across clients who at the beginning don’t have a clear vision and realistic expectations about their surgery... read more >


breast-modeling-reduction.jpgBreast modeling – reduction in a new fashion

23 November 2016

Aesthetic surgery as well as any other profession has changed and developed a great deal. The change is continuous and new methods are quickly developing​​. ... read more >


breast-enlargement-cost-uk.jpgBreast enlargement prices in the UK

11 November 2016

Getting breast implant surgery is an important decision, and definitely it can't be taken lightly. It involves a lot of physical changes to the body, and it’s important to make sure that you get the best surgeon and medical care that you can afford​. ... read more >


results-cosmetic-surgery.pngHow long will last result of my surgery?

03 November 2016

This is a frequently asked question and clients often ask the question before undergoing a surgery. The answer varies a lot and can influence client’s decision making. ... read more >


look-at-the-price-of-breast-augmentation-surgery.jpgA look at the price of breast augmentation surgery

19 October 2016

Having a breast implant surgery is an important decision in woman’s life, and definitely not one to be taken lightly. It involves a lot of physical changes to the body, and it’s important to make sure you get the best surgeon ... read more >



facelift-surgery-cost.jpgWhat does a Face lift cost?

14 October 2016

Because facelift surgery is such a complicated and highly visible surgery, it can often cost more than other forms of plastic surgery. However, it is especially important to do a lot of careful research into your surgeon ... read more >



how-much-cost-plastic-surgery-in-uk.jpgHow much does a cosmetic surgery cost in the UK?

28 August 2016

The cost is one of the decisive factors when it comes to aesthetic surgery. Comparing UK cosmetic surgery prices, you can save up to 70% of the cost when taking ... read more >



factors-cosmetic-surgery.jpgFactors that motivate people to undergo cosmetic surgery

29 June 2016

We will try to explain to you the advantages of cosmetic surgery abroad and the factors that can make you feel confident about it... read more >



plannig-cosmetic-surgery.jpgPlanning your plastic surgery

24 June 2016

What to avoid and how to behave to ensure a perfect result is a frequent question. However, sometimes clients seem to be surprised when the job is finally done.... read more >



labiaplasty smallWhat is Labiaplasty?

21 June 2016

Plastic, aesthetic, intimate surgery is a delicate surgery that can help women who are not satisfied with their feelings, shape or with the state of their genital region... read more >



medical-travel-a-medical-procedure-on-cheap.jpgA medical procedure that can save you money?

13 June 2016

Our clients combine discovering a new country in the heart of Europe, where medical care is of a high standard, county is safe and free from dangerous situations... read more >



face-rejuvenation-part-2.jpgFace rejuvenation through the eyes of plastic surgeon - Part II

03 June 2016

Previously we have talked about face rejuvenation and possible surgical procedures as indicted for several face rejuvenation methods... read more >



lipofiling.jpgWhat is Lipofilling?

31 May 2016

The location of fat deposits on human body is changing over time. It is well seen in the face, especially in the lower third that is fuller in childhood. ... read more >



face-rejuvenation-through-eyes-plastic-surgeon.jpgFace rejuvenation through the eyes of plastic surgeon

20 May 2016

Common wishes and similar to these are the usual ones which clients often come with. Many of them can be fulfilled and clients can be treated using conventional methods and procedures... read more >


breast-reduction.jpgWhen to consider breast reduction surgery?

18 May 2016

Plenty of women all around the world are unhappy, complain or even envy others that they were not blessed and Mother Nature did not enrich them with nice, significant breasts... read more >



savings-medical-travel.jpgSavings on Medical Tourism

13 May 2016

Have you ever been thinking of having a surgery done? Maybe there are parts of your anatomy that you would like to have slightly smaller or bigger or simply different.... read more >



medical-travel-in-europe.jpgMedical Tourism in Europe

06 May 2016

Europe and most countries that are members of the EU, such as Slovakia are safe countries to travel to and on top of that these countries provide high standard of medical and health care... read more >



mammoplasty-breast-surgery.jpgWhat is Mammoplasty Surgery?

04 May 2016

Woman's breasts are the most prominent symbols of beauty and femininity. Every woman pays a special care and attention to her breasts and any unwanted change... read more >



why-medical-tourism.jpgMedical tourism in plastic surgery

29 April 2016

As our planet is virtually getting smaller each and every day, we have all sorts of new choices within easy reach. One of such choices is medical tourism... read more >




Do i need a full or mini tummy tuck?

27 April 2016

Mini or Partial abdominoplasty is the right solution when the major amount of the loose skin or fat is located under the belly button.. read more >




Why augmented breasts may look wierd

21 April 2016

Natural look is one of the most important criteria of successful breast augmentation. Inappropriate size, non-symmetric look, large distance between the breasts, so called breast separation and post-operation side effects or complications ... read more >





Plastic surgery after pregnancy

08 April 2016

Loosened and saggy belly and excessive skin folds are one of the consequences after giving a birth. Decreasing weight gain might be relatively easy while loosened abdominal muscles represent ... read more >




How long will the result of my surgery last?

06 April 2016

The final effect of all the cosmetic surgeries can lasts for several years, but we should be aware of the fact that an operation itself cannot stop the aging process that is in progress, of course... read more >




Plastic surgery safety

01 April 2016

Patient safety must be or at least should be one of the priorities for all medical centers, hospitals whether they are private or state owned... read more >





Myths and facts about post-surgical bras

23 March 2016

Nowadays the source of information is mostly presented by the internet; however it is not always easy to distinguish if the information is trustworthy. This article describes most common myths which are being discussed on the internet.... read more >





Things to Consider, Before You Get Breast Augmentation

16 March 2016

Breast Augmentation? Of course, but you should consider wisely these facts before making a decision. Professional surgeons give you some useful advice on what is necessary to consider before the breast augmentation... read more >




Pros and cons of complex breast surgery

11 March 2016

Augmentation and breast modeling mammoplasty in other words breast enlargement and reduction, is a complex procedure. This procedure represents a solution for saggy breast, atrophic mammary glands, loosened skin and when.. read more >




All about cosmetic surgery anaesthetics

04 March 2016

Our anaesthesiologist are happy to advise you on all the concerns you might have regarding anaesthesia and provide you with the best and safest type of anaesthesia with reduction of pain and discomfort depending on your procedure... read more >



Are breast implants safe?

02 March 2016

The size and the shape of breasts have a significant impact on a woman’s life. Once a woman decides to have a breast surgery done, she considers and pays a lot of attention to the selection... read more >



How to achieve more youthful image with nose tip surgery?

26 February 2016

Tip rhinoplasty procedures concentrates on the soft parts of the nose and includes the skin, lateral cartilages that are paired, and subcutaneous tissue... read more >



Forget worrying about aesthetic surgery

24 February 2016

As most of us desire to look good and often it can make our life more successful, we turn to aesthetic surgery. But as soon as we start thinking of having some surgery done, we are on ... read more >



What is Body lift?

19 February 2016

Many people are left with excessive sagging skin due to the loss of significant amount of weight. The reasons might be diet, bariatric surgery or some diseases. ... read more >



How to avoid Breast implants Re-operation

18 February 2016

This is a simple guide on what to follow in order to choose the right workplace and minimize negative side effects. The final result consists of more factors ... read more >



Does the NHS fund the cosmetic surgery?

12 February 2016

Nowadays people seek minor cosmetic surgeries more often. In some cases it might be an inevitable medical procedure, sometimes they simply want to look more attractive ... read more >



Your imperfection can be corrected by rhinoplasty

10 February 2016

Our look is one of the elements that make our personal and professional life happy. Therefore, improving our look can be beneficial throughout our whole lifetime... read more >



What is Liposuction?

05 February 2016

Liposuction is neither an antidote for obesity nor a substitute for diet and exercise. It is best suited to remove isolated fat deposits that do not respond to conventional weight-loss efforts.... read more >




Cosmetic surgery: obsession and addiction

29 January 2016

We live in the world where beauty, not moral principles define our aims. These days, good-looking, attractive people represent good characters in the movies, omnipresent commercials, or other kinds of media.... read more >



Does fat transfer to the buttock really work?

22 January 2016

Fat transfer, Brazilian butt lift or fat grafting how is it often called is the injection of fat cells which is injected to various body parts, usually buttocks to increase its volume and definition... read more >



How is nasal hump removal performed?

15 January 2016

Nasal hump removal is very common and popular procedure. Humps usually fall into one of the following three categories: a pseudo hump, a concealed hump and true humps... read more >



Am I too young for cosmetic surgery?

08 January 2016

To choose a cosmetic surgery is absolutely normal these days. It also sounds attractive and exciting...Nevertheless, checking your face, breasts or belly in front of the mirror makes us think that it is truly an important step... read more >



About Tummy tuck

18 December 2015

The art of a professional aesthetic surgeon lies in the right indication. They need many years of experience to do this. It is possible to achieve satisfying results without making large incisions with the . read more >


new flights to kosice small picture

New flights to Kosice

09 December 2015

To travel (abroad) to a foreign country for surgery is no longer a question of saving money, but also the personal preference of finding fully and highly trained surgeons with years of experience for your personal "cosmetic surgery getaway". read more >



Getting back to normal after Nose surgery

04 December 2015

It is very important to not to underestimate the time necessary for the initial recuperation after any cosmetic surgery. Nose surgery is not an exception. ... read more >




Facelift using the tumescence technique

27 November 2015

It is not known exactly when the first facelift was carried out. This procedure originated in Europe in the nineteenth century. The first facelifts though, consisted of only minimal resection ... read more >




Facelift evolution

20 November 2015

The facelift was born around the turn of the century. Early operations included little more than snipping away a bit of skin around the ears. More aggressive facelifts achieved better results ... read more >




When can I fly after surgery?

11 November 2015

Plastic surgery is not listed among medical conditions that require fit to fly certificate. In case of  blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), some swelling and bruising might occur, however it ... read more >


cosmetic surgery aftercare picture

Cosmetic surgery aftercare

12 June 2015

Before you proceed, read up on the Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare. If you think that you can easily recover from a cosmetic surgery that lasted for three to four hours, think again! read more >


tummy tuck picture

Best candidates for Tummy tuck

11 December 2014

Tummy tuck is the procedure which can radically make a difference in your appearance. Still, it does not have to be the right choice for everyone. So lets have a look who are the best candidates for tummy tuck. read more >



Mommy Makeover abroad

30 October 2014

The body of women after the pregnancy can radically change. Fortunately, thanks to the progress in medicine and technologies, it is now possible to undergo more cosmetic procedures in one go. read more >



The worst reasons to have cosmetic surgery

23 October 2014

Some people may choose plastic surgery for wrong reasons which can end up with disappointment and disillusionment. Based on our experiences we prepare the worst reasons for having plastic surgery done. read more >



What to know about scars and surgery?

19 September 2014

Scars are visible marks that stay on after a wound has healed after surgery. Nobody can avoid of having scars after surgery, or as a result of injury. Sometimes, their development is unpredictable.  read more >



Myths about cosmetic surgery

11 September 2014

One should be careful about what to believe. There are so many information on the internet that sometimes it is not obvious which information are truth. Thus, you should be cautious and verify your source. read more >


seroma picture

What is seroma?

4 September 2014

A seroma is fluid - accumulation of serum in a dead space in the tissue. Seromas may occur after surgeries, especially extensive one, where there is significant tissue disruption. Here belongs hernia repairs, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc. read more >


why is cosmetic surgery abroad chepaer img

Why is cosmetic surgery abroad cheaper?

26 August 2014

The healthcare technologies and institutions are not behind the UK. Most hospitals for plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad use the exact same equipment and instruments as the most advanced hospitals in the UK. read more >



When is the best time to undergo surgery?

22 August 2014

The busiest time when people might want to go for plastic surgery is in the summer. It is because people usually take a longer break from work, which might be very suitable for having done planned plastic surgery, subsequently with more >



Is cosmetic surgery right for me?

12 August 2014

Having any cosmetic surgery is a big decision to make, so you should think carefully whether you really want it. Psychological and social reasons are the one for which people are carried out cosmetic surgeries. Thus, understand own needs and knowing own expectations are the crucial ones. read more >


medical tourism news img

Medical tourism attracts thousands of tourists

6 December 2013

For centuries people have been travelling to different countries in search for treatments for their health problems as well as for wellness. However, in the last few decades medical tourism has become a fast growing sector in terms of travelling. Millions of patients travel to have their medical treatment performed abroad. read more >



Can I afford Tummy tuck abroad?

28 September 2013

Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery, often times the price is out of reach. It is a common belief that if a service is expensive, the result is always impressive. Believe it or not there are services that can provide the same quality but in a much affordable price. read more >



From Today we offer you the latest laser lipo technology

10 September 2013

Don't worry about unwanted fat, cellulite or loose skin. Indulge on a luxury premium method of treatment with the top American laser SlimLipo from the company Palomar for an unbeatable price with New Look Holiday. SlimLipo is new on the market of aesthetic medicine. read more >



New Look Holiday now accessible on social networks

28 August 2013

As social networks become part of our everyday lives, New Look Holidays is now accessible to all of you through the biggest social networking media Facebook and Google Plus. Via social networking New Look Holidays team are currently working on regular updates for their fans, special offers and discounts for the combination of treatments and packages. read more >



We've perfect news for you. We will be even closer to you

26 June 2013

You won’t have to travel to Budapest Airport and then 2 hours drive to Kosice where our clinic is. From September we will meet directly in Kosice Airport and your way to have your New Look Holiday will be much more easy and faster. Wizz Air, the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, announced today new direct services from the second largest city in Slovakia, Kosice to London – Luton. read more >


PIP implant

We've never used the PIP or Rofil implants and none of our clients have received them

9 April 2013

The PIP breast implant controversy continues to grab the headlines across Europe. Concerns have been raised by women who have had their breast implants as “cosmetic surgery tourists”. What do they do if they have received a PIP (or a Rofil M) implant in a cosmetic surgery clinic in another country? Research by Treatment Abroad shows that UK patients may be less at risk than if they had gone for breast augmentation in the UK. read more >



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