Face rejuvenation through the eyes of plastic surgeon

Common wishes and similar to these are the usual ones which clients often come with. Many of them can be fulfilled and clients can be treated using conventional methods and procedures. Some of the procedures and wishes may require more of surgeon's skills, aesthetic feeling, experience, but most of all his judiciousness and common sense.



“I would like to look the same as now but less tired and a bit younger”. “I just want to look 10 years younger, as when I was young”. “I wish I to look better than ever”. “I would like to look as good as possible but within my budget”. “I would like to look as this person in the picture”. “I want this specific operation”. I want to look better than I do now – you are a professional, you tell me what to do”.

Facelift and face rejuvenation is a kind of challenge for every surgeon and bringing back the qualities and a youngish look is always a matter of skill and experience. However, it is profoundly difficult to make a face beautiful once there is very little beauty or no beauty at all. It is a very helpful moment when a surgeon can see some of the pictures of the client from his or her earlier age and make a vision of how client’s face looked like couple of years back.

When a procedure aims to change the look of face in a major way, it is necessary to inform the client about optimal face proportions and contours so that the clients is aware of the procedure possibilities and somehow make his or her requests and wishes real.


Ideal facial proportions and contours and aging manifestation

face-rejuvenation.jpgIdeal proportions and contours must be taken as a model which shows us what we are looking for in a face. Such simplification makes the process of rejuvenation easier as we can see where we are trying to get.

A good-looking and attractive face seeks symmetry and proportions, but it is the little differences, misbalances or positive imperfections that create the “feeling” and character of each face, make us unique.

When we want to judge facial aging manifestations and methods to eliminate them, first of all we must understand the nature of attractiveness of a young face and the nature of aging.

Aging has several triggers. These are; facial skeleton changes, changes in facial muscles (higher tension) and loss of fatty tissue in certain face parts.

Skin changes are often represented by pigmentation, skin thinning and dehydration.

Ultraviolent sun rays have a major impact on skin aging and this is cumulated over the years.


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What is the offered help for face rejuvenation?

Plastic surgery offers three conventional procedures for face rejuvenation

  • Brow lift
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Facelift

These procedures have been here for decades and we must admit that they don’t bring benefits in almost 2/3 of aging symptoms and triggers.

In the last two decades there have been several new methods developed and these are in a different development level. Each of such operation methods usually has three stages of development:

  1. Non-critical phase: a new method is implemented and is used more frequently, it is hugely advertised and new equipment is developed and manufactured
  2. Critical phase: complications and negative side effects emerge, criticism is placed
  3. Leveled phase: there have been set limits and specific use for the method


At present time there are these methods used for face rejuvenation:

There are surgical methods which reduce or stretch tissues. There are also less invasive methods, such as tissue stretching using barbed threads. These threads have the ability to hold the tissue not only at the tip but along its whole length.

Endoscopic procedures are also a possible way for facelift. The advantage is that there are no incisions necessary but small wounds used.

Augmentation procedures are used to fill and add what has been ‘lost’ over the aging period. Most frequently there is the fatty tissue decrease. Augmentation is performed using natural or artificial materials.

Pharmaceutical and physical means. It is a non-surgical procedure which relaxes facial muscles, makes them paralyzed and so avoids skin wrinkles. Similar results can be achieved with croton oil peeling technique.

Acne can appear at 20,30 and even 40 years old people. Though the most frequently it happens with teenagers who have hormonal changes but red pimples make the life depressive and dark. Everything you do You think about your face which is covered with bumps and this makes you underestimate your abilities everywhere. Accutane is provided by www.papsociety.org/accutane-isotretinoin/ perfectly. Self confidence is a real power which helps to overcome a lot of hardships and Accutane helps people regain self confidence. Accutane is a means that in a short time gives visible results. A lot of peolpe are happy after using Accutane.

Additional beauty means such as cosmetics, make-up and treatments which only hide or cover aging processes.  These products and their impact or results are often overestimated and their real impact or effects are often difficult to prove. However, their effect may well be taken as positive from the view of client. Healthy lifestyle and diet are also possible ways to maintain good skin standard and freshness.


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Facial Skin Care Treatments

All sorts of face rejuvenation procedures may differ and vary a lot depending on the face shape, whether the face is thin with a little amount of fatty tissues or on the other hand a face with a lot of fatty tissue or even obese one. Overall face rejuvenation can’t be achieved in one single procedure in most cases. A complete rejuvenation requires several procedures in order to repair most of the aging defects.

However, these procedures should never be done at once one or one after another in a short period of time as there are higher risk levels and subsequently complications too. Therefore all of the suitable procedures should be planned properly and accordingly to the importance of the defect.

A plastic surgeon shall not only be an MD but an advisor too. A surgeon should be able to advise the client about all advantages and possible procedures with their possibilities and limits or disadvantages.

A well informed client is the key element for building a good relationship between the surgeon and client ad this leads to a successful result.



dr-turkin-small-image.jpgDr Oleg Turkin is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial, body and breast surgery. He has very dedicated approach to his work, aiming to give patients a first class service with more than 30 years experience.  
DR. OLEG TURKIN Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery



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