Why are your services 70% cheaper than those in the UK?

You can save up to 70% on your surgery via New Look Holiday but that doesn´t mean, what so ever, that the quality of work is lower. The living standards here are comparable to those in the UK but the salaries and cost of living is much cheaper.

Is there any reason for concern, regarding the language barier? Are members of your team speaking English?

Absolutely none reason for concern. All members of our team were chosen in accordance with specific criteria in order to provide high quality services to English speaking clients. They have to speak English and be able to understand all your queries in order to make you feel welcome and comfortably.


Where and when does the consultation take place?

The consultation takes place in Kosice, Slovakia.


Can you put me in touch with former patients?

Of course. Our clients, who underwent their surgeries with us are happy to share their experiences. Please visit testimonials of some of our clients.


Are the clinics clean and what is the working place standards for cleanlines? I´m affraid of MRSA.

The EARSS (European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System) monitors this MRSA as well as all different kind of antimicrobial resistant bacteries and viruses. They maintain comprehensive surveillance and information system that provides comparable and validated datas on the prevalence and spread of major invasive bacteria such as MRSA. On their list of surveyed countries is Czech Republic which is comparable to Slovakia in regards to a living standards. The Czech republic rate on presence of MRSA is 12 % in comparison to the UK, where is the MRSA rate 42%. That speaks for itself. Slovakia had been the left wing of Czechoslovakia not so long time ago so our hospitals and clinics resemble in infrastucture and follow the same EU standards. Every clinic or hospital in Slovakia, not only privat ones, have to follow strict hygienic rules set up by Slovakia and EU. They are supervised and monitored by The National Department for Hygiene and contageous diseases in Slovakia. There are also deputy nurses in charge of hygiene at every ward at clinics and hospitals. So we can cofidently say that our hospitals and clinics, especially privat clinics are safe for all of our members of medical staff as well as our clients.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation


Would you require information and medical history from my own doctor prior to travel?

We do require information about your physical and mental health and your medical history. It is not essential to have it directly from your own doctor. Therefore, we have created a list of the most important questions in regards of clients health and medical history - our Medical Questionnaire Each client attends consultation and preoperative tests of blood, urine e.t.c. prior to the surgery. To have more about your medical history from your own doctor would be very essential especially if you are planning to undergo your treatment again. If a client doesn´t mind the more informations are disclosed to the surgeons the less chance of post-operational complication or the better advice on treatment is given.


Is it possible to see myself how I could look after surgery?

Of course, we offer such service to our clients who decide to undergo their treatment with New Look Holiday. It´s called the Plastic Surgery Imagine. Plastic Surgery Imagine allows you to see the potential outcome of your cosmetic surgery on pictures before even having the surgery done! Highly experienced aesthetic surgery imaging specialists transform your original photos into your new look and create realistic plastic surgery pictures representing your most likely results. This is an additional and extra service and free of charge to Your New Look Holiday treatment.


What are the most common problems following a face and brow lift and how do your practices minimise these risks?

All the possible risks of all kinds of surgeries ale listed on our website.


How and when is the surgery paid for?

The surgery is partially paid prior to arranging an appointment for face-to-face consultation and surgery by paying off the deposit of GBP 350. This can be paid by a cash via Western Union or bank transfer. Once you will confirm the appointment and pay the deposit we will expect you to arrive to Slovakia. The rest of the payment is paid in Slovakia by cash or credit card. Please visit more information about terms and conditions.


How many procedures have been carried out each year?

It vary depending on the season of the year. There are more surgeries before and after summer then within but in general we can say that the last year our clinic performed over 1000 surgeries all together.


Is it the same procedure with surgeons with the same recognised qualifications as in the UK?

We can confidently say, that the quality of qualification of our surgeons is comparable and meets the highest standards of quality of qualification in the UK. Our surgeons must to study 6 years at University of Medicine and then 7 years practice at surgery ward to be entitled to take a special, very difficult, exam to become accomplished surgeon. After then in order to become Plastic Surgeon he/she must to work at a ward of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for another few years and undertake another exam to become Plastic Surgeon. All of those exams are internationally recognised and valid within the EU.

All of our plastic Surgeons are highly qualified specialists who are recognized in the field for their expertise and the quality of the results they achieve in cosmetic surgery. You also get world-class treatment comparable with any available in the UK. The facilities our surgeons work in provide the most modern and advanced equipment and procedures available.


Is the price, you quote, all inclusive or are there added costs involved? Are there any hidden costs?

Our medical treatment quote Slovakia offers you tailor suit services to meet your needs. This means you are given not only the procedure itself but a range of additional services too. These include a Personal assistant during your stay, pre-operative examinations, post operation check-ups, doctor’s consultations and in person meetings, hospital stay on your surgery. Some of truly extra services are:

  • Meeting you up at the airport on your arrival,
  • Driving you to the airport on your leave,
  • Journeys to and back from all agreed medical appointments,
  • Non-stop duty on the call.

Our medical treatment quote will not include airfares to and from Slovakia , any unforeseen complications that may arise from the surgery or any other cause. This is not limited to but an example of this is additional stay in hospital, further unplanned surgery or consultations with other specialists. There are no additional fees or costs hidden.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation


If op unsuccesful, is there a further charge or would it be dealt with as part of the deal?

The following information is not to alarm you, but to inform you that there are always inherent risks in all types of surgery.

We minimize risks and complication by following highest medical standards. Our team includes skillful surgeons who are certified, experienced physicians and nurses and assisting personnel to carry out the procedures. However, a certain level of risk is in connection with any kind of surgery and may occur on some occasions. Such cases are rare and most clients don’t have any complications. Each and every client is always treated with highest priority.

There are several conditions that increase the risk level. To name but a few, these are:

  • Diabetes,
  • Poor blood circulation,
  • Blood cloths,
  • Heart, lung or liver disease,
  • Smoking,
  • Certain medication.

You are obliged to disclose all of your medical conditions and medication before booking your surgery.

Common complications are:

  • Swelling and bruises – disappears in about 1-2 weeks after the procedure, occasionally later
  • Wound treatment may take longer in some cases, usually ATB prescribed to avoid infections,
  • General anesthesia may cause chest infection,
  • A blood clot occurrence may be present in extremely rare cases,
  • Breathing tube used while general anesthesia may cause a sore throat,
  • After operation scars may develop, having various shapes, often pink and raised. These will vanish and flatten over some time.


Would it be possible I could have Rhinoplasty to be left with a worse nose than before if the op went wrong?

From our experience it is unlikely that nose will look worse after operation than before. It´s important that you have realistic expectation. You would have to get used to to your new appearance. New nose will certainly affect the appearance of your face in positive way and will only improve your look.

In order to avoid any complication, before you undergo the surgery here you would have to consult your expectations with our surgeons and undergo test of your blood, urine e.t.c., I mean pre-operation tests. That is one of the precautions taken by the surgeons in order to avoid any problem during or after surgery. It is important that any problem you may have with your general health or any allergies that you are aware of are mentioned to our surgeon at the consultation as well as in our Medical Questionnaire . Therefore, I have to emphasize that it is essential to fill it truly and completely.


What is the revision rate for patients who are not happy with outcome of their procedures?

The surgeons are very highly skilled and experienced and had been chosen for co-operation with us according to their practice, references and life experience. But, it is known that each surgery may have inherent risk which are given to a client´s attention and fully discussed before submiting of contract. The surgeons are doing their best to avoid any complication.


I've had a lot of stress and anxiety lately and my doctor has put me on antidepressants (Prozac). Do I have to stop to take that prior to surgery?

There is no problem with antidepressants, so wouldn’t need to interrupt it. It would be necessary to provide us with certificate from your doctor that you are psychically and mentally fit for your operation.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation



Are there some different types of Breast Augmentation procedures?

Yes: Depending upon personal requirements the implant can be brought in position through different incisions: There is the peri-areolar incision which is made at the border of the brownish skin that surrounds your nipple. The Infra-mammary or "Crease" Incision is very popular; this is where the incision is placed a little above where the breast and rib cage meet, on your breast lobe. Another alternative incision is the Trans-Axillary or Armpit Incision, which is made near your armpit. By the TUBA (trans-umbilical) breast augmentation the incision is made near the navel and positioned in endoscopic way.  The implant can finally by placed either upon or underneath the chest muscle: "Sub-glandular" is the act of placing the implant over the pectoral muscles under the glands and tissue of the breast. By "Sub-muscular" the implant is placed under the muscle fascia.


Which pro and contras have the different type of positioning of the implants?

The experienced surgeon achieves very good results with all the mentioned procedures. The Armpit Incision enables on one hand a practically invisible scar. However it is less frequently applied, since the necessary corrections at the beginning of the large chest muscle are to be executed more difficulty than with the more direct access by the Peri-areolar or Infra-mammary Incision. The Infra-mammary Incision is technically the simplest one to carry out. Even the scars are relatively inconspicuous. The Peri-areolar Incision requires more ability from the surgeon in order to obtain the optimal final breast form as well as the desired inconspicuousness of the scars.  


Which type of implant is ideal for me personally?

The selection of the materials, the form and the size of the implant, as well as the type of the placement depend on various factors. Each individual criterion has to be evaluated from the experienced surgeon under different criteria: From the standpoint of physiology, health and even  psychology. The quality of the consultation with the selection of the correct materials, the ideal form, the desired " final dimension " and the correct positioning of the implants depends on the degree of experience of the plastic surgeon.  


Can I take the flight back home after operation?

After leaving the clinic our specialists recommend an additional private stay of 1-3 days in the near accommodation for another check/control before leaving for home. After 3 days after the operation there is absolutely no contraindication to take the flight for home.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation



When should a Breast Lift be done?

Women with sagging / drooping breasts (breast ptosis) and flabby skin represent the typical breast lift patient. The lowering of the breast usually occurs after pregnancy or after weight loss.


What is the procedure of a Breast Lift?

In the most usual form of breast lift the incision is made around the nipple and from its center downward to the breast fold. A further incision is in most cases made horizontally along the breast fold. Within this area - between the breast fold and nipple, the surplus skin is removed. The nipples are repositioned (higher) according to the new anatomy.


Does the Breast look larger or smaller after a lift?

With the new shape the breast gets more projection, so it might appear larger. However, this depends on the  technique applied and on the extent of the intervention and should be discussed in detail with the specialist before surgery.  


Are post-operational scars visible? 

The incisions described above are small and carefully and precisely positioned.  In addition, special combined sutures (including a special cosmetic suture) are used in order to leave scars as inconspicuous as possible. In the course of time the scars can become practically invisible.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation



Do the incisions remain visible after the surgery?

The skin of the eyelids is characterized by its exceptionally good healing ability, and for the eyelids, especially thin threads are used. Since the incisions are placed along the edge of the lower eyelid or within the lid-fold at the upper eyelid, the sutures are hardly visible after a few months.


Are the wrinkles at the lateral areas of the eyes removed, too?

No. The Blepharoplasty is limited to the area of the lids. The wrinkles on the lateral areas of the eyes are preferably removed with a facelift and/or a laser lift.


How long does the healing period last?

Swelling and bruises usually disappear after one week.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation



When can I resume using makeup?

For a few days after the operation no makeup should be used.


When can I return to work?

Normal activities can be resumed after 2-3 weeks. It is advisable however, to wait at least two months if a perfect appearance is required. After the Aptos Face Lift normal activities can usually be resumed on the day  after the operation.


Are there alternatives to the classical face lift?

Alternative methods to the surgical face lift are: removal of wrinkles using injectable fillers, laser skin rejuvenating treatments, chemical peel, abrasive methods such as dermabrasion and similar applications. Whether the results of these methods and their durability correspond to the conceptions of the patient should be determined in each individual case during a personal consultation with the specialist. A durable alternative to the classical face lift is given with the Aptos lift.


What does Liposuction of the face mean?

Some patients have small areas of fat around the face, mostly at the neck under the chin, and in the folds between the bottom of the nose and the corners of the mouth. This fat is removed by liposuction with very small suction cannulae. Incisions can be made in hidden locations such as inside the nose, at the corner of the mouth and under the chin. Liposuction of the face is usually performed at the same time as a face lift. The most common areas to be treated are the neck and chin area.


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Do Laser Skin Treatments require a hospital stay?

Local laser skin rejuvenation and laser removal of wrinkles is usually carried out as day surgery. The patient can leave the hospital - or the Laser Center - the same day. Full-face skin resurfacing requires a one day hospital stay.


What is better: laser lifting or a face lift?

A direct comparison between the two applications is not possible. Application requirements and results are truly different and depend upon the individual case. Laser skin resurfacing (laser lifting) is generally performed as day-surgery, is lower-priced and relatively risk free (no danger of injury to the nerves of the face) compared to a surgical face lift. On the other hand the method is ideal only for the removal of fine wrinkles and will not remove loose skin or dynamic wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds, for instance.


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When will I be presentable again in public?

The stitches are removed after 7 days. The swelling and bruising around the nose and the eyes smooth out after 10-14 days. After about 14 days, when the nose plaster is removed, the nose and the face as a whole already have a 'normal' appearance. In the case of soft nose correction (correction of the nose tip) the special nose plaster may be removed already after few days.


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Facelift surgery £ 2,030
Tummy Tuck £ 2,060
Breast Lift   £ 2,390
Eyelid Lift £ 1,330
Neck Lift   £ 1,340
Brow Lift £ 1,430
Nose Surgery £ 1,890
Breast Augmentation £ 3,270
Breast Reduction £ 2,750


No hidden charges!


The consultations are free and you are under no obligation. Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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