Having been looking at having surgery on both my upper and lower eye lids for around two years, I was very impressed when I found the web site of newlookholiday.co.uk. The most impressive thing I found from them was not only the fantastic results that I achieved from surgery but also there excellent customer service.

The results of my surgery were just what I could have hoped for after waiting two years to have it done. The outcome of my eye lid lift has been fantastic with all of my friends and family commenting on the new look that I now have, and how well it is looking. The service I received from the surgeon and nurses was of first class. Not only having it done in Slovakia with New Look Holiday, did it save me around £2500 but I also got to see first hand just how beautiful Slovakia really is.

The customer service from the start to finish was fantastic nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble. They were always friendly, positive and outgoing and any questions I had were always answered thoroughly. From the surgery to general questions about Slovakia.

David from UK, age 32, Lower and Upper Eyelid Lift


It was a bit ambitious to have both surgeries done at the same time but I do not regret it for a moment. The services offered by yourselves were most comprehensive and I felt very comfortable at all times of the procedure. From the first meeting at the airport I was put at ease and the hospital care was suberb.

I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful surgeon and her skill and friendship made my surgery sucessful. The beauty breaks were very welcome to make me feel much more my self after the operation. I will always remember our trip to the mountains with you and really made a holiday out of a medical break. I would recommend your service to all who are sure about the procedure that they want. I would be happy to discuss my surgery with potential users of your service.

Overall the experience was remarkably good and I am sure that I made the correct choice in coming to you for surgery.

Rosemary from UK, age 59, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift


I did much researching into cosmetic procedures prior to coming to Slovakia. I had a consultation in London with another company who arrange surgery. I was able to speak to the surgeon via video link and talk to him about my needs and expectations. I decided not to proceed with this surgeon as he wanted to carry our 6 procedures and i felt this was too radical and would leave me looking completely different.

I looked into other places and found that all were much the same with regard to information. and techniques. Finding the best surgeon is so difficult as all work in different ways and have different opinions and skills. Not having face to face consultation prior to surgery makes it hard to know if the right choice is made when choosing to go abroad.

I decided two years ago that i would like cosmetic surgery before i was 50 years old. The main reason was looking tired around the eyes. Particularly underneath the eyes I decided that if i was going to go so far from home and have surgery i would only do it once so i then decided that i would tackle all of my face in one go to achieve a balanced look and avoid multiple procedures taken in different places at different times.

I decided after much research that to achieve a fresher more youthful look to have a facelift, brow lift, upper and lower eye lift and laser resurfacing.

I chose New Look holiday for more than one reason.

- The first was your availability of dates as i needed to be careful what time i could have off from work.

- The second was my faith in the competence and skill of the surgeon.

- The third was the outstandingly low cost of procedures

- The fourth was the opportunity to talk with happy former customers

- The fifth was how efficient and prompt my questions were answered by e-mail and phone

- The sixth was that i felt i was in good hands by New Look Holidays and that your company would take good care of me and my needs.

- The seventh was a feeling that i would come home with the achieved look i was origionaly seeking. Although this did not happen i am still pleased with how things went.

I followed your advice and booked my travel with Sky Europe online which was very simple to do. The cost was more than i expected and it was difficult to find suitable direct flights on the dates i requird but this was not a problem as it was easy to find my way around the two airports in Slovakia and the price did not cause me concern.

It was a delight to find Ivan and Martin at the airport in Kosice with flowers and a friendly greeting. I was comfortably taken to my lovely apartment where i was given a mobile phone, shown where everything was and taken our to dinner. I never expected that so it was a nice surprise.

The apartment already had some food and drinks and everything else was provided for my comfort which was lovely to see. I was given clear information about the timetable for the following day and what to expect in terms of the timing of my pre-op tests and surgery.

I had my surgery on the 28th July. I thought i was having my procedures done at the clinic but was told it would be done at the hospital instead as I had not decided what type of anaesthesia to have. This made perfect sense to me and i understood why. I felt i was treated well at the hospital in general.

The care and attention i received after surgery by the care team was fantastic. I received phone calls and was asked if i needed food ordering or any other help with anything. I was kept informed of check-up times with the surgeon and how to take care of my wounds properly. Everything i needed for my wounds was provided also. Including tea for healing which was delicious.

The beauty breaks were such a bonus! I had a gorgeous manicure and pedicure and i found both treatments were a welcome pampering addition to my stay. My chosen trip to the mountains was delightful. Ivan and Martin were good company and we had fun climbing up almost to the top! Ivan took lots of photographs which was also a lovely surprise. I can't wait to see them!

My stay in Kosice was truly wonderful. I felt like i had a holiday, a rest and some fun as well as having the surgery. It is a lovely little city and a perfect destination to go to for surgery. There is just enough to see and do to keep clients occupied. After surgery it would be difficult to be somewhere bigger and busier. The apartment is located in a nice quiet spot, ideal for rest and peace. I would recommend Kosice to anyone without hesitation.

Once again Thank you to EVERYONE for everything.

Carmel from UK, age 48, Face Lift and Eyelid Lifts


I was considering my breast enlargement long time ago. One of the reasons were the cost of Breast Enlargement inn the UK and my low self-esteem. I didn´t like the shape and size of my breast since I gave birth to my child. I started to save money for the surgery but I knew I won´t be able to afford the surgery in the UK. One day I was looking for some information on the internet and I found solution of how can I realize my dream with less money. I had concerns but all my questions were promptly answered and all my worries disappeared after arriving to Slovakia. From that first moment I felt safe and in good hands. Ivan and Martin took first class care of me. I´m happy with the outcome, feel positive and self confident and I´m glad I have made the decision to go with NLH. Thank you for all your help guys.

Karen from UK, age 34, Breast Augmentation



Two years ago I have had a liposuction combined with tummy tuck in UK and was so thrilled with my fresh new look. It costs more than £3000. After I fully recovered from the liposuction I decided to do something with my face. I love the idea of combining surgery with a holiday. In a magazine I found New Look Holiday what was ideal for me. I underwent surgery for full face-lift. I went to Slovakia, where surgery are cheaper, and saved £2500. The work was done and the outcome is great. Surgeon and nurses were very friendly and helpful. My friends make comments about my good look now and I´m happy they could see the difference. I do recommend New Look Holiday. Nonetheless I had the opportunity to see Slovakia and it´s beautiful country. I would definitely come back if another treatment was desired.

Louise from UK, age 42, Face Lift



You know it, after having kids your body changes forever. So was my case. Three pregnancies, putting on and then trying to lose the baby weight, it’s a vicious circle. Breastfeeding affects the shape of your breasts, too. Mine lost their firmness and dropped. I lost all my confidence I had before giving birth. With bringing up three children and having mortgage to pay you don’t have much cash left for surgery, especially in the UK, as it’s pricey. But when your lack of confidence affects your marriage, you’ll do anything to fix it. That’s why I decided to do something about my self-esteem and get my looks back. I heard the procedures were cheaper abroad. I’m dead happy I found such a great solution to my problem – Newlookholiday website, where really helpful customer service advised me on everything and I went to have my surgery done in Slovakia. I had my tummy tucked and breasts uplifted on which I got 15 per cent discount as an additional procedure. The hospital staff was very professional, so I felt relaxed. Plus your recovery is a holiday at the same time! Kosice is a lovely historical place and I loved the local cuisine, too. My big thanks to Newlookholiday as I got my life back!

Ashley from UK, age 37, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift



I just had enough, just not happy with my looks anymore, especially after looking at all those glossy magazines... I spent ages searching the internet and researching so then I decided to take the plunge, I plucked up the courage and applied for free consultation at Newlookholiday. They called me right back and offered a new service called ‚imaging‘ – you basically email them a picture of the body part you want to have done and they send you back the possible result. It’s great. They also helped me arrange my flight and accommodation. I went, had my consultation with a surgeon and then operation next day. I had my breasts enlarged. Yes, I was nervous but it all went great and now I feel so much better, confident, outgoing and enjoying myself again.

Pam from UK, age 32, Breast Augmentation



To be honest I was embarrassed over my weight, I tried so many diets it was driving me crazy. I looked at surgery but it was a fortune in the UK. Then I saw one of those body programmes on the telly, so I contacted a few companies of the net and Newlookholidays was one of them. I liked them as you can see results of your surgery without even having one done, just send them your photo. I thought I would go for it and got up the courage. I had a tummy tuck and my eye bags done too, as you get a discount for an additional procedure. I relaxed there and the staff really seemed to care. It was like I had a holiday in Kosice, though I never heard of it before, not even Slovakia. I feel fantastic now and would say - don’t hesitate, go for it!

Sidney from UK, age 54, Tummy Tuck and Eyelid Lift



The results are fantastic – all my friends and family are surprised at how natural my breasts look and how well they have healed already! From the first contact with New Look Holiday Team, via email, I felt totally comfortable. Communication continued to be great and I was informed all along the way of what was happening. In fact, I felt like I had known my patient coordinator for months!

Jennifer, age 31, Breast Augmentation


Just wanted to thank yourself and the team in Slovakia for all your care, support and attention. The quality of New Look Holiday personal care is beyond commendation. It is evident that the patient is the main priority within your services which I will be recommending without hesitation.

Audrey, age 51, Face Lift


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