Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery (Mastopexy, Breast Uplift) provides a solution for those women who no longer feel satisfied with the appearance of their breasts, often causing them being self conscious or in extreme cases depressed.

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Modern aesthetic medicine offers Breast lift surgery to improve the appearance of saggy breasts caused by gravity and age, also breastfeeding and/or weight loss.

Breast lift or Mastopexy is a breast modeling procedure that is performed to improve the shape, position and firmness of breasts. This operation removes the excess saggy skin around the breasts or nipple.

Breast lift surgery can be performed as a single procedure - when the breasts are full but saggy, or in combination with Augmentation - if the breasts are saggy and without volume. Breast lift surgery can also be combined with the reduction of areolae for nicer aesthetic outcome.



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  • Full Examination
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  • 1-2 Nights at the Clinic (if required)
  • Post-operative Aftercare, Check-ups and Stitches removal
  • Dressings & Surgical Wear
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Breast Lift - Periareolarlifting of droppy breast  2,290 € £ 1,950
Breast Lift Surgerylifting of droppy breast  2,790 € £ 2,390
Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Surgerylifting of droppy breast and enlargement with round implants 4,490 € £ 3,890
Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Surgerylifting of droppy breast and enlargement with anatomical implants 4,940 € £ 4,250



Aerola tissue is repositioned upwards in order to correct breast projection.  There are many techniques currently available for correction of breast ptosis.

In general, every breast lift or ptosis correction surgery consists of the same steps, planning and marking the incisions and new nipple aerola position, resection of the gland (or not in case of ptosis correction), transposition of the nipple aerola complex to the new position, gland modelation with few stitches and skin suture.

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Breast lift surgery techniques:

  1. Peri-Areolar Technique of Breast Lift (Doughnut method) is used in mild ptoses of the breast tissue, where the surgeon removes outer circle (doughnut) of breast tissue around the edge of areolae resulting in single peri-areolar scar.
  2. Vertical Technique of Breast Lift (Lollipop Method) is used in moderate ptoses of the breast tissue. The surgeon makes and incision around the areolae and moves it to higher anatomical position. Second incision is vertical straight down incision, where the resulting scars form the lollipop like appearance. The surgeon is able to effectively remodel the breast using this technique.
  3. Anchor Technique of Breast Lift (Inverted T or Anchor method) is used in severe ptoses of the breast tissue. The first incison is again made around the areolae to move it to higher anatomical placement. The remodeling of the breasts is performed using this incision and two other incisions. Second incision is vertical and the third is incision in iframammary fold forming inverted T like scar.



All the patients who are emotionally stable, realistic about the outcome and willing to cooperate with the professional team of surgeons are the perfect candidates.

The initial consultation will comprise all the inevitable information the surgeon needs to know including the age, condition of the skin, history of breast cancer, weight, breast size, asymmetry, etc.

You will be demonstrated the position of the nipple and areola, shape of breasts and scarring after the operation.

Even if the Breast lift surgery may be undergone as soon as you are 18 and your breasts are fully developed, it should be considered in the cases when planning children.


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After the operation has been carried out, you will be transferred to the recovery room. You will stay in hospital overnight or longer if it is needed and will be monitored thoroughly by the surgeon and nurses, who will help you with the postoperative care and analgesic therapy.

A re-bandage is done the next day and drains are removed in case they were used. You will then recuperate in the apartment or a hotel in the care of a friend or a family member.



The check ups are arranged for you as necessary, usually two or three whilst in our care. We highly recommend to rest and take time off of work to recuperate.

You may as well co-ordinate with your family doctor in home country for some re-bandage service or post-operative care if required.

Walking is highly recommended since it improves your blood circulation and lowers the risk of blood clots.

Lifting heavy objects is restricted, of course, as well as all strenuous sport activities.

Supporting bra is a great help, which is suggested to be worn 24 hours a day apart from the hygiene periods.



Fortunately, breast lift surgeries are successful and with excellent results in most cases.

Your expectations usually come true about the new and better-shaped breasts. Breasts droop less, are firmer and nipples are in the higher position. However, the final shape of breast will require another 3-5 months to be fully developed.

Scars are generally present after the procedure but they fade over time. Regular massages and appropriate ointments are helpful in cases of red, itchy or raised scars. It will take at least 6 months until the scars settle.


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  • You will come back to the UK with perkier breasts that might boost your self-esteem.
  • Breast lift in Slovakia can help you save as much as up to 70% of your money.
  • New Look holiday team will look after you with all your needs.
  • Košice is the historical city you can explore and you might want to return here again in the future.
  • You will befriend new people and get to know new culture, which will expand your horizons.
  • Availability and short booking period with New Look Holiday



First and foremost, women considering the Breast lift surgery should remember that every surgery leaves scars and there are going to be visible scars after the Breast lift surgery also.

Moreover, it is worth considering the increased sensitivity and tenseness that might occur with swelling and bruising immediately after the surgery.

You should be prepared to wear a surgical bra for 6 weeks following the operation to facilitate the recovery process.



Even if we always select the patients carefully and have the most qualified surgeons to perform the surgeries, in certain cases the complications might occur. Breast lift complications include: 

  • Bleeding – solution might be the administration of drugs that promote blood clotting
  • Infection – is quite rare. Antibiotics are usually prescribed, but sometimes compresses are sufficient to fight the infection.
  • Swelling – common side effect that tends to be the most significant the third day following the operation. It gradually recedes.
  • Seroma – the smaller one cannot be even noticed by the client or surgeon. It is important not to panic and let it reabsorb spontaneously. 
  • Pain – is inevitable side effect of most aesthetic procedures. Analgesic therapy is sometimes necessary.
  • Inconvenient scar – reoperation follows
  • Asymmetry – minor one is common even in natural breasts 
  • Increased sensitivity in the scar area – maturation phase and massages may help as well as therapy with medicated ointments.



Breast lift normally requires 24-hour stay in the clinic or hospital, longer if necessary. 7 days of recommended stay for the necessary postoperative check ups with our surgeons.




Breast Lift Before and After

more Breast lift photos


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In the most usual form of breast lift the incision is made around the nipple and from its center downward to the breast fold. A further incision is in most cases made horizontally along the breast fold. Within this area - between the breast fold and nipple, the surplus skin is removed. The nipples are repositioned (higher) according to the new anatomy.

Women with sagging / drooping breasts (breast ptosis) and flabby skin represent the typical breast lift patient. The lowering of the breast usually occurs after pregnancy or after weight loss.

With the new shape the breast gets more projection, so it might appear larger. However, this depends on the  technique applied and on the extent of the intervention and should be discussed in detail with the specialist before surgery.  

The incisions described above are small and carefully and precisely positioned.  In addition, special combined sutures (including a special cosmetic suture) are used in order to leave scars as inconspicuous as possible. In the course of time the scars can become practically invisible.

Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness and tenderness of breasts and tight feeling.

Infection, bleeding. Poor healing; excessive scarring. Asymmetry.

Back to work: 10 to 14 days. More strenuous activity: 4 weeks or more. Must limit exposure to sun for several months.


Our cosmetic surgeons are highly quilified with years of experiences in cosmetic surgery, and are licensed and certified to perform such surgeries. Unlike the United Kingdom, cosmetic surgery in Slovakia is strictly controlled. Slovak legislation guarantees the strictest quality precautions compliable with European standards.

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Facelift surgery £ 2,030
Tummy Tuck £ 2,060
Breast Lift   £ 2,390
Eyelid Lift £ 1,330
Neck Lift   £ 1,340
Brow Lift £ 1,430
Nose Surgery £ 1,890
Breast Augmentation £ 3,270
Breast Reduction £ 2,750


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