Cosmetic surgeries for men have become more popular in the past decades. Men are following trends and looking after their wellbeing but also appearance. 


Surgeries suitable for men are available and popular more than ever. There is a huge variety of plastic surgeries such as face and body treatments. The most popular surgeries men are searching for are gynecomastia and facelift. To undergo the treatments are so common these days. 

We do offer all of the varieties for men surgeries with the most modern techniques at our clinic. Our surgeons always follow new trends and attend conferences and courses to improve their skills and deliver the highest standard to every single client. 

You can gain all of the necessary information from our articles and consultations based on our experienced and skilled surgeon's opinions, before you make your decision to undergo the surgery. 

It is very important to receive as much information as possible, when considering the surgery. You can find a lot of information on our website, articles or directly from our patient coordinators and surgeons themselves. 

If you can not find the answers to all of your questions in our blogs or articles, you can contact us directly and we can consult your case with our surgeons individually. 


MD Oleg Turkin PhD

Men's Facelift

It is no surprise that men are deciding to undergo facial surgeries more often in the past decades. Men are suffering the same ageing problem as women and therefore they look...
Cosmetic surgery for men
MD Oleg Turkin PhD

Male Breast Reduction - Excision technique

Breast reduction is a technique in evolution. With the improved understanding of breast anatomy and improved equipment and technology available, the focus has shifted from...
Cosmetic surgery for men
MD Oleg Turkin PhD

Male breast reduction - Liposuction technique

Gynecomastia literally means woman breast and is used to refer to a transient or permanent enlargement of the male breast....
Cosmetic surgery for men


Some of the most common surgeries for men, such as Gynecomastia, Eyelid Lift or Ear surgery usually takes only a couple of hours and they can even be performed in local anaesthetic, so they are not as invasive as you would think.

The world's population is rapidly ageing and our clinic is the best place to fight nature. Cosmetic surgery for men has never been more available and affordable, so why not start with your journey towards your new look today.



The consultations are free and you are under no obligation. Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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