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Our cosmetic surgeons are highly quilified with years of experience in cosmetic surgery, and are licensed and certified to perform such surgeries. Unlike the United Kingdom, cosmetic surgery in Slovakia is strictly controlled. Slovak legislation guarantees the strictest quality precautions compliable with European standards.



Slovakia has been the eastern part of Czecho-Slovakia until January 1993 , situated in the heart of Europe. Along with Czech Republic our surgeons follow the same EU regulations regarding qualification and practice of our cosmetic surgeons. The same EU principles apply to all clinics and hospitals and patient care within Slovakia.

Good credentials can’t guarantee a successful outcome; however, they can significantly increase the likelihood of it. Patients interested in treatment in Slovakia should find a doctor who is certified by Slovak  Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the one of boards recognized by the UEMS – European Union of Medical Specialists. Certification by the Slovak Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery signifies that our cosmetic surgeons have had formal training in an accredited plastic surgery residency program.

A general surgeon in Slovakia is not permitted, by our strict law, to carry out plastic surgery procedures unless he/she undergoes an additional period of at least 5 years of specialization study, training, checks and a final exam in order to attain the certification as a Plastic Surgeon. Then, 2 additional years are required of continuous, documented practice in plastic surgery before a plastic surgeon obtains the full authority and competence as a certified Specialized Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon.



  • Have completed at least 5 years of surgical residency training after 6 years of study at medical school, including at least two years in plastic surgery
  • Have passed comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive surgery exams
  • Are qualified to perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures – everything from liposuction and facelifts to intricate wound repair.

Every doctor in Slovakia is registered with Slovak Medical Chamber (SKL – Slovenska Komora Lekarov). Its history is dated back to 1929. SLK revise standards in patient care within EU, requires membership and registration of Doctors of Slovak Republic, provides and records their medical post – gradual education.





Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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