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Breast augmentation - inframammary incision

An inframammary technique is the most common Breast Augmentation procedure for placing a breast implant. This approach allows the surgeon to proceed the incision in or next to the inframammary crease.



What is the inframammary technique?

The inframammary approach represents a direct access to the sub-muscular, sub-pectoral or sub-glandular planes and at the same time it is the least time consuming method for placing implants.


The only one possible negative effects regarding inframammary incisions may include a scar which is visible, in case it does not fade, on the anterior surface of the breast.  However, the size of the scar is no larger than 3 cm, usually of 1.5 cm.


Where is the inframammary crease incision placed?

The procedure involves an incision which is led along the future inframammary crease. This crease is marked before the procedure and drawn a little lower than the existing inframammary crease.

This incision allows access to sub-muscular, sub-pectoral or sub-glandular planes. One of the planes is then selected for placing the implant where a pocket is created.

This pocket is modeled and shaped into desired size and shape using a metallic instrument which suits perfect for to palpate and shape the cavity and to dissect muscles as it is required. Subsequently, the implant is introduced and placed into its position.

Any additional dissection is done effectively after inserting the implant. Once the implant is placed and fixed to its position, the incision is closed.

Typically in two layers and a narrow drain through the incision is kept for about 24 hours after the procedure.


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Recovery tips after Breast augmentation

The inframammary augmentation takes about two to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia. It requires at least 2 days of recovery and stitches are removed after seven to ten days.

Full recovery takes about three months and stretching is advised to perform to prevent scar adhesion. Recovery also involves regular breast massage to maintain the desired breast shape.

Clients should be aware of postoperative pain and soreness in combination with swelling as common symptoms. Sports activities must be postponed for about three months the least.

This surgery is also suitable for silicone or saline implants and for clients with slim body. 



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