Deep Plane Facelift

The effective SMAS Facelift method is currently being surpassed by an even more efficient innovation in the market, known as the Deep Plane Facelift. Due to its natural and long-lasting results, which can last up to 12 years, it is sought after by a huge number of clients worldwide.



Method of deep plane facelift

The Deep Plane Facelift reaches into the deep structures of the face, below the level of SMAS, where it can more effectively improve the aesthetics of the client's face. The method works deep in the skin tissues, where it can change the structure of the face, release ligaments, and reposition excess skin and fat.

Clients often think that it is a more invasive method than the SMAS Facelift. However, the Deep Plane method is less invasive than the SMAS method because the skin and muscles remain attached to the original system. In the SMAS method, the individual layers and tissues are separated, causing greater trauma to the tissues.


smas facelift

The course of the SMAS Facelift procedure involves folding and stretching the SMAS muscle. The muscle is not released from the deep layers of the face and, paradoxically, because it is stretched and under tension, the result may not be long-lasting.


With the Deep Plane method, the surgeon achieves a more thorough lifting of the tissues without the need for strong contraction. This ensures a natural appearance of the face, and the results of the procedure are much more long-lasting than other techniques.

The Deep Plane Facelift is focused especially on the middle and lower part of the face, as it effectively removes nasolabial folds. Surgeons recommend it because of its dramatic and long-lasting results.


structure of deep skin layers during deep plane facelift

During a Deep Plane Facelift operation, the procedure is performed under the SMAS muscle. The connective tissue is released.


Deep plane face lift - repositioning of the SMAS muscle

The SMAS muscle is lifted and moved without being under tension or stretched.


Removing excess skin during a deep plane facelift

The excess skin is removed and sutured with non-absorbable stitches.


Unique Deep Plane method also in Slovakia

Performing the Deep Plane method requires specialized knowledge and skills, as this method works on a completely different level of tissue. Due to the complicated procedure, there are not many doctors currently performing this method.

In Slovakia, one of the few to perform it is the plastic surgeon Dr. Juraj Gajdoš, MBA, who has sufficient qualifications and experience in performing this method (you can see the results of his work in the photos above). Despite the complexity of this technique, Dr. Juraj Gajdoš, MBA, has excellent, natural results from his work and many satisfied clients.


Deep Plane Facelift cost

S-LIFT Facelift Surgerycorrection of overhanging skin on the face 2,350 € £ 1,950
Neck Lift Surgerycorrection of platysma muscles with an incision under the chin 1,450 € £ 1,160
Face Lift incl. Neck Lift Surgerycorrection of overhanging skin on the face, incl. neck 2,690 € £ 2,280
Deep Plane Face Lift incl. Neck Liftcorrection of deep facial structures and overhanging skin incl. neck 4,590 € £ 3,960


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Who is suitable for the Deep Plane lifting technique

A suitable candidate for the Deep Plane Facelift is an older client who is troubled by more pronounced laxity of the jaw and neck, or deep wrinkles. The method is suitable for clients in good health.


The Deep Plane Facelift is not suitable if the client is:

  • A heavy smoker
  • Prone to forming keloid scars
  • Has blood clotting problems
  • Has other serious health issues


Course of the procedure using the deep plane method

The surgeon can perform the procedure after administering sedatives, but for the greatest comfort and safety of the client, it is recommended to undergo the procedure under general anesthesia.

The plastic surgeon makes incisions similarly to the SMAS technique, running along the hairline and around the ears. With the Deep Plane Facelift, the plastic surgeon, together with the client, may also decide to remove fat pads from the cheeks, further enhancing the client's mid-face.


Results of the procedure using the deep plane technique

The result of the procedure is a significant rejuvenation of the client's face and neck, lasting up to 10-15 years, which other Facelift techniques cannot guarantee.

However, as with any procedure, the result of a Deep Plane Facelift is influenced by skin aging, the client's lifestyle, sun exposure, etc.


Possible complications after surgery

After the procedure, a longer recovery period should be expected, as it can take around 3 weeks. The healing process is accompanied by bruising, swelling, and overall discomfort for the client. For the first 2 weeks after surgery, the client must wear a compression mask (garment), neck support, and drainage. The client should take it easy and avoid strenuous activities for 2 weeks.


Possible side effects after surgery:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness, tension, tingling
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry
  • Hair loss, etc.


Deep plane Facelift before and after photos

Deep Plane Facelift and Neck lift before and after

Result after Deep plane facelift with extended incision behind the ears combined with platysmaplasty, before and after surgery

Deep Plane Facelift and Neck lift before and after photos from the side view

Result after Deep plane facelift with extended incision behind the ears combined with platysmaplasty, before and after surgery


Deep plane facelift before and after

Deep plane face lift with neck lift before and after photos

deep plane face lift before and after

Deep plane face lift with neck lift before and after photos

Both Facelift techniques can significantly reverse the signs of skin aging, but here we return to the importance of choosing a plastic surgeon, as they are best able to determine which method can achieve the best results specifically for you.

Always try to find a surgeon who keeps up with advancements in the field of plastic surgery and has the necessary skills to perform new methods on the market.


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dr-gajdos-small-image.jpgMD Juraj Gajdos MBA, we are pleased to work with such a talented and skilled surgeon, whom work is extremely precious with high standards. The surgical technique of extended deep plane facelift from Andrew Jacono and the nuances from Michele Pascali are the foundation of the surgical technique that he uses in his practice.   
DR. Juraj gajdos Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery



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