What is Mammoplasty Surgery?

Woman's breasts are the most prominent symbols of beauty and femininity. Every woman pays a special care and attention to her breasts and any unwanted change is considered and has a negative impact on her confidence.



Plastic surgery is here to provide a solution and help when it comes to modification of breasts' shape, firmness, position, symmetry and of course the volume or size. There are several techniques and procedures, such as reduction mammoplasty - to reduce and model over-sized breasts and mastopexy for saggy breasts which need lifting.

Reduction mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty is a surgical technique which has been modified and developed over the last hundred years. Excessive breast tissue is removed in clients with so called hypertrophic breasts over-sized breasts.


Hypertrophy of breast

Hypertrophy is divided  into several categories according to the breasts' volume;

  • minor hypertrophy-up to 500 ml
  • moderate-600ml to 800ml 
  • excessive hypertrophy-up to 1000ml
  • more serious stages are macromastia and gigantomastia (over 1500ml)

There are several reasons for beast hypertrophy, e.g. genetic predispositions, hormone imbalance during puberty or pregnancy, breastfeeding, obesity and many others. This condition results in several health problems, mostly back pains, neck strain, headaches.

Women often have problems doing physical activity, hygiene and have skin problems. Sometimes they cause heavy breathing and one of the major problems is their sexual life. All these issues can be solved by reduction mammoplasty.


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Preparing For Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Before the procedure, each client must have a personal consultancy done with an aesthetic surgeon. When the medical examination is evaluated and there are no contraindications, then the procedure can be performed.


All incisions are marked before the operation and a detailed pre and post operation care is explained to the client. There are several methods how to proceed and the selection is based on the evaluation of all conditions, preferences and possibilities.

The differences involve the ways of incisions, the tissue which is going to be removed and the tissue which is going to be left as the base for future breasts.

The operation itself takes approximately three to four hours and the patient is monitored by the medical team. Drains are taken away after couple of days and the patient is released to home care. There are necessary check-ups when post-operation wounds and incisions are checked, as well as bruises and swelling and the breasts' symmetry too.

Healing process requires wearing special garment to support the breasts, keep them in the right position and provide them with care. This phase and limited lifestyle takes about four weeks. However, it is possible to get back to usual working style after one week from the operation.


Risks and Side Effects of Surgical Breast Reduction

Every operation involves risk of possible negative side effects. Here we can describe issues such as slow recovery and healing phase, the distance between breasts, inflammation, bleeding, less areolae sensitivity, limited breastfeeding.

Although there are certain risks, these can be minimized and even avoided by choosing the right surgery method and experienced surgeon. Post-operation care is crucial too.

The result is stable and permanent, yet may be slightly modified due to pregnancy, hormone changes or breastfeeding.


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Mastopexy Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy or breast modelling is a surgery that aims to make breasts firmer and lift breasts that have sagged. Development of this technique comes hand in hand with development of mammoplasty and these two surgeries have quite a lot in common.

Mastopexy is often combined with breast augmentation - breast increasing in size and volume. Breast augmentation is performed using beast implants. Breast areolae and nipple modelling can be performed at the same time if required.


Breast sagging is caused by several factors. Most common factors are: aging, menopause, weight reduction/loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding or after breast implants removal.

Most common reason is that breasts lose their volume for any of these aspects and there is excessive tissue and skin left which needs to be reduced and modeled.

Most women have aesthetic and psychological reasons for undergoing this surgery, rather than medical reasons. Such surgery is also indicated in women who overcame breast cancer and breast modelling is necessary. Breast asymmetry is also treated by mastopexy.

The level of sagging, so called ptosis, is key element when choosing the best method of surgery. Based on the level, we distinguish three stages of ptosis and also pseudoptosis when the breast tissue is sagged but the areola and nipple are without significant ptosis.

All these factors are evaluated and taken into account so that the best method and technique is selected.

Simple techniques involve repositioning of areolae and lifting or inserting breast implants. More complex techniques involve reducing excessive skin tissue which means longer incisions and scars.

Most complex techniques are indicated in major ptosis when a large amount of skin tissue is removed and this involves typical reversed T shaped scar or L shaped scar.


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Preoperative and post-operation care

Preoperative and post-operation care is similar to reduction mammoplasty procedure. Risks and negative side effects are of similar character too and are usually avoided by professional approach and following the aftercare instructions.

Woman's anatomy is also very important for the final result as it is not possible to change anatomy in more significant and unhealthy way.

A skilled, experienced, certified surgeon and professional medical center are crucial and play the most important role in the whole procedure. When these aspects are successfully and carefully chosen, then there is nothing else but satisfaction.




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