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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure by which excess fat is manually broken up and then vacuumed out of the body through a rigid, hollow, blunt – ended tube called a cannula.



The liposuction is number one cosmetic surgical procedure. Liposuction is neither an antidote for obesity nor a substitute for diet and exercise. It is best suited to remove isolated fat deposits that do not respond to conventional weight-loss efforts.


When deciding for cosmetic surgery, the price is often one of the deciding factors. We can offer you affordable Liposuction costs performed by fully qualified and certified plastic surgeons with years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Cost of the Liposuction in the UK are often out of reach for many and we try to make the cosmetic and plastic surgery available and affordable for everyone.



There are two different approaches to perform liposuction:

  • manual
  • mechanical


Manual liposuction - requires the injection to be inserted into the adipose (fat) tissue that can be done by hand and even distribution is constantly checked.

This approach enables surgeon to penetrate deeper into the fibrous fat using back and forth movement. 

Mechanical liposuction – involves the injections that can be delivered by an electric lamp. The pump transfers the tumescence solution via a distribution system.

Tumescence can be disconnected when the areas treated show blanching effect, they are white and elastic. Tumescence and liposuction should be carried out with anesthesiology monitoring and stand-by.

In fact, liposuction can be carried out in any area of your body where there are aesthetically intrusive deposits of fat. This is the main advantage of the tumescence technique.


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Liposuction causes fat cells to be permanently removed. As the fat cells do not grow back, liposuction treatment produces a permanent effect. However, in some cases slight changes to the shape of your body might appear.

The results of the operation are therefore very dependent on your general health, the condition of your skin, your age, weight, and the hormonal content of your body.



Moisturizing body lotion is very popular among patients after the procedure since is helps patients massage the affected areas gently on a daily basis. This treatment is suggested for patients two weeks after the operation. 

We recommend you training in the gym a month after the procedure. An attractive body can only be achieved by liposuction in combination with strenuous physical training, not by liposuction alone. 



MD Oleg Turkin PhD

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