What is nose tip surgery?

This article represents a brief description of a nose job on the tip benefits and brief description of the procedure. Its purpose is to make the decision making easier for a client and provide information regarding the procedure.



Rhinoplasty combined with Tip plasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries. However, simple augmentation rhinoplasty results often fail to meet the expectations of patients. Thus, plenty of procedures have been developed to improve the appearance of nasal projection and the nasal tip.


What is nose tip surgery?

One of such procedures is a nasal tip plasty and it is designed to deal with various nasal imperfections.

Nasal tip plasty meets expectations when considering the bulbous appearance (attributable to the thickness of the skin), flared nostrils, and restriction of the nasal tip attributes to an underdeveloped medical crus of the alar cartilage and a short columella. 


Tip plasty surgery

This procedure also suits clients who are not satisfied with nasal tip angle, size of the nasal tip.

There are several methods how to perform the tip plasty and these approaches vary depending on the client’s expectations, physical determinations, surgeon’s skills and general aspects. 

In most cases, rhinoplasty is therefore accompanied simultaneously with various nasal tip plasty techniques to improve the surgical results.

A crucial part of an aesthetically satisfactory result is to ensure an adequate nasal tip position which is slightly higher than the proper dorsum giving the nose a triangular shape from the front view. The surgery includes realignment of the alar cartilage.

A result of such a procedure is a good nasal tip projection, natural columellar appearance, and improvement of the nasolabial angle in most patients.

Rhinoplasty with simultaneous nasal tip plasty is an effective method of improving the appearance of the nose and satisfies the clients’ expectations.


What are the possibilities of a tip plasty

Tip plasty may include:

  • Tip reduction
  • Tip definition
  • Columella elongation
  • Alar reduction

These techniques ensure the improvement of the size of the nasal tip achieving a round apex of the nasal tip shaped like a pyramid. Combining these attributes gives the nasal tip more angular shape and presents it in a V shape in frontal view.

Columella prolongation is critical to achieve better length and ratio of the overall nose appearance. Prolongation creates the appropriate length of the nasal tip.

Alar reduction is very important when correcting nostril exposure. The width of the nostrils defines the nasal tip too. Thus clients with big nostrils or wide ala nasi need changing of the axis of bilateral nostrils from toe-out to toe-in angle.

These techniques meet the client’s expectations in most possible way and give the nose smaller, more angular V-shaped or triangular look.

Our surgeons are experienced certified aesthetic surgeons and have performed multiple tip plasties so that the clients have the best quality results ensured.


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General instructions for Rhinoplasty

This procedure can be performed in local or general anaesthesia depending on the scope of the procedure and client’s physiognomy.

The recovery period takes about seven days and the stitches can be removed too.

Clients are advised to keep the nasal area clean and free from dirty water (swimming pools, seawater, etc.) for more than a month. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not recommended and clients must avoid impacts to the nasal area.

The overall results can be seen in about three month period.



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