Face rejuvenation through the eyes of plastic surgeon - Part II

Previously we have talked about face rejuvenation and possible surgical procedures as indicted for several face rejuvenation methods. There has been put a lot of stress on the topic of providing information and explaining possibilities, benefits, side effects and limits of certain procedures.



Face rejuvenation, Part II.

In the past few years new methods have been developed for face rejuvenation and now we will describe procedures based on the facial area and issues regarding this areas.


Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Hair transplant – this procedure is highly effective. However, it can’t be done at a region where there is no hair growth at all.


Excessive forehead wrinkles, eye region wrinkles - it is possible to eliminate using fillers, yet this is only a temporary solution.

Brow lift – In past this procedure was often done within coronary brow lift. This procedure was often related with several negative after operation effects, such as excessive scar tissue formation, loss of skin sensitivity, loss of hair, etc.

Therefore this procedure is hardly ever performed nowadays and is replaced by endoscopic brow lift. Unfortunately, the result is not as satisfactory as coronary brow lift. However, brow decline has a little connection to aging. This was proved by comparing thousands of images of people in their early age and then in their later age.


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Brow decline can be solved mostly when the areas around temporal bones and eyelids regions are filled with fatty tissue, most preferred auto transplant. The best method is to lift brows at their outer part. 

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This will lift the brows and straighten wrinkles at the same time. This procedure will only leave short and hidden scar in the temporal area close to the hairline. Brow lift is also done by barbered threads but this method is recommended individually as there are certain negative side effects such as skin damage caused by ripping by the threads.


Upper eyelids – classic procedure involves removing excess skin, sometimes also a part of orbicularis muscle and fatty caps. However, this procedure must be done with reasonable care as a lot of effort to reduce much tissue can lead to unsatisfactory results when it is overdone.

The upper eyelid should be full between eye brow and the folding crease as it is a sign of youth and youngish look. If eyelids are suitable for the procedure, then excessive skin is removed but the scope of removal is in full responsibility and skillfulness of the surgeon.

Lower eyelids – rejuvenation procedures of lower eyelids have developed a great deal over the past years. Classic procedure involves removing skin strips and orbicularis muscle and most of all removing fatty bags under the eyes.

The incision is usually led right below the lash line so it is not visible. Such procedure is applicable in most cases but not suitable for each and every case. Sometimes the result can be unsatisfactory and can result in a symptom of “dry eyes”. There is also another possibility - called a transconjunctival approach. This approach is only applicable for removing fatty bags.

The incision is on the inside of the eyelid so that is completely invisible. This procedure often requires a follow-up procedure, such as laser resurfacing of the eyelid or a peeling treatment of the eyelid. Transconjunctival approach in combination with other procedures is often indicated in young clients and the results are highly satisfactory.

Frontal face region can suffer from aging sings dramatically. In upper part of frontal region it can be V-deformity with a major decline of fatty tissue in the line between lower eyelid and cheek and frequently loosing tissue in the middle of cheeks. The most common procedure in such cases is lipofilling procedure mostly by clients own fatty tissue. This procedure sometimes requires to be repeated. Then the result is highly satisfactory and permanent and resembles natural look.


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Lower face rejuvenation

Typical aging symptoms are prolonged upper lip and a thin red line of upper lip. The best solution for such case is a surgical lip lifting called Bullhorn lipoplasty. Upper lip lifting and shortening is performed via a small skin excision close to the nose edge.


This also affects the red line of upper lip and makes it more visible and prominent. Very common aging symptom, often in people soon after the age of 40, is so called “jowling”. This is the case when face fatty tissue drops down over the jaws. It then makes a typical quadratic shape of face and face loses it youngish V shaped look.  This state is usually accompanied by neck wrinkles.

This region is definitely the region for facelift methods. The trend is now heading for more simple and less complicated procedures which bring similar results as those complex ones. These are called mini liftings. These procedures are typical and beneficial in terms of small incisions, smaller scars, faster recovery and lower risk levels.

Most of these procedures can be performed in local anesthesia. There is also another method called “Theatherlift”. However, not every client is suitable for this procedure. This method uses threads and the more threads are used, to achieve a better result, the more expensive it gets. The final result is not permanent and usually lasts for a maximum of two years.


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Final note

The idol of beauty is put into first place by our society. However, try to be yourself and don’t mask your age completely as every age brings its beauty along. Being attractive is not only about looking youngish but also about your personal features, inner beauty. The word “attractive” comes from a Latin word and it means affection or inclination to each other. Therefore it is not in connection only to outer beauty but to our mind as well.

One of the common mistakes is when a client feels that surgery will solve his or her personal fails, such as broken marriage, better career status and so on. Surgery can definitely improve your life and make the perception of yourself better which leads to a more self-confident feeling. The best option is to have a reasonable talk to your surgeon and listen to his/her advice carefully.

Aging is a natural process which is a part of our life. As soon as we understand it, we can feel better and it affects our look as well. Don’t go for a procedure if your surgeon discourages you from it and try not to follow the latest trends. Every procedure has its limits, as well as our body. Yet there are plenty of methods and procedures that are helpful and can make you look just like you looked before. 



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