Scars and healing process after Facelift

Scars are natural means of body’s healing systems once the body gets injured. Scars repair the tissues and literally knit them together with newly developed skin layers. These layers protect the wound from infections, germs and generally our entire body.



There are several factors participating on natural healing processes. These factors may well be helpful or negative in terms of shortening the healing period.

Most common factors are:

  • Type and severity of the incision
  • Skin type
  • Nutrition
  • Scar treatment products
  • Age


Facelift Incisions

Time factor and the scope of the wound in our case incision, are the key factors. Wounds and scars after the Facelift surgery are generally better recovered as the edges of the incisions are knitted together tight and thus create a “seal” which makes the healing process faster. Skin cells can migrate and close the wound.

On average it takes about six months after Face lift until the scar fades and is almost invisible. However, it may take up to one year until the skin matures and gets pale. This is mainly caused by the fact that the surgery extends below the skin surface and influences deeper tissues.


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Healing Scars after facelift surgery

Surgical incisions and healing process can be supported by nutrition and treatment products to help recovery so that the client improves positively the healing process. Food rich in protein as well as treatment products containing protein are likely used. 


Fibrous protein acids fills the gap between the wound edges and makes the scar softer and smoother. Generally healthy diet and nutrition rich in such substances may sufficiently contribute the healing process. Higher amounts of vitamin C and zinc are also advised. Smoking of course is one of the factors which make the healing longer. Smoking disables distribution of oxygen in the blood cells and this is unwanted. 

Aging is a factor which can not be omitted. As we get older, skin loses its firmness and flexibility thus elasticity. The skin’s ability to renew its cells is slightly limited and therefore the healing process takes a little longer. However, when we keep fit, follow healthy lifestyle, aging and its influence can be limited. 


Doctor says Dr. Oleg Turkin Cosmetic surgeon
“ Each client is individual and once he or she follows our recommendations and treats the wound correctly, the result of scar healing is excellent. ”


The after Facelift surgery scar healing process has got several stages

  1. Inflammatory Stage
  2. Proliferative Stage
  3. Remodeling Stage


Inflammatory stage is the first one and lasts only a few days. The wound is inflamed and reddish. New cells are produced and healing tissue is formed during this stage. Body also produces a lot of antibodies to fight infections.

This stage is followed by proliferative stage. Skin forming cells – fibroblasts – rush to the edges of the wound. Fibroblasts produce protein and it seals the wound. Small blood vessels and capillaries are created so necessary nutrition is distributed within the wound.

Remodeling stage is the time when the scar gets pale. It slowly fades and gets thinner. This last stage can last for weeks up to years. In the first three to six months the scar gets almost invisible or slightly visible. Over the time it can disappear almost completely.


Individuality of the client, his/her genetics play also important role in the healing process after Facelift. Last but not least, the work and professionalism of the surgeon are decisive factors. Our skillful and experienced surgeons will leave you with a minimal scar and they always pay a lot of attention to the fashion of the incision and its scope. 



dr-turkin-small-image.jpgDr Oleg Turkin is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial, body and breast surgery. He has very dedicated approach to his work, aiming to give patients a first class service with more than 30 years experience.  
DR. OLEG TURKIN Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery



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