Medical tourism attracts thousands of tourists every year

Affordable price is not the only reason

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For centuries people have been travelling to different countries in search for treatments for their health problems as well as for wellness. However, in the last few decades medical tourism has become a fast growing sector in terms of travelling. Millions of patients travel internationally to have their medical treatment performed abroad. But what makes so-called medical tourists opt for a foreign country rather than having a treatment in their homeland? There are several factors contributing to the boom in medical travelling, especially affordability, long waiting times for certain procedures and quality of existing medical care.

High European level of technology and standards

Technological improvement and better standard of care has lead to the need for health tourism in dental and cosmetic surgery fields. While in the past it was mostly less developed countries of Middle East and Asia, today the highest demand for medical tourism is in Europe. Cheaper travel costs, the closer proximity of Eastern Europe and the cultural similarities attract medical tourists especially from Britain. With increased living costs such as food, utilities, housing and train fares in the UK, fees for cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming less affordable to the average UK citizen. It is more economical to pay for travelling, accommodation and surgical treatment in Europe than in the UK. The estimated savings are up to 70 per cent of expenses on some aesthetic procedures.

Slovakia as new destination of medical tourism

Along with Poland, Hungary or Lithuania, in recent years Slovakia has been discovered as a new cosmetic surgery destination and its popularity is increasing. Cosmetic surgery prices are lower than in other European countries, yet the high quality care remains unaffected by the low costs of the treatments. For the fraction of the price paid in the rest of Europe, a patient can undergo their treatment and enjoy a mini-break while recuperating. Although Slovakia as a member of European Union adopted Euro as its new currency in 2009, the average prices of groceries, transportation and services are cheaper as oppose to Western Europe. Doctor’s fees, operating room charges, necessary hospitalisation, medicines, accommodation and round ticket usually cost less or don’t exceed the charges for the treatment itself in a British clinic. With easy accessibility to Slovakia from most UK airports provided by budget airlines such as Ryanair, Brits often choose to visit this European destination to undergo their cosmetic procedure there.

Affordable price and highest quality

Low costs are not the only reason to undergo your procedure in Slovakia. The quality of treatment is great value for money too. With all that being said, there is no reason to attach any stigma to seeking cheaper aesthetic surgery options abroad, especially if the quality of procedures remains the same. Lower costs of cosmetic surgery abroad means the treatments are available to a new group of medical tourists with lower income who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. In the following years we can expect further growth in medical tourism as the positive experience and recommending it to friends and relatives, it can only get bigger.


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