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Does the NHS fund the cosmetic surgery?

Nowadays people seek minor cosmetic surgeries more often. In some cases it might be an inevitable medical procedure, sometimes they simply want to look more attractive.



There are often cases, in which the operation is not necessary from medical point of view, it might though help  patients mentally. Most patients are quaranteed free procedures when corrective work after the accident is needed.

How much are the procedures? When is NHS involved in it?

These are the questions asked by those who plan to undergo plastic operation. Cosmetic surgeries are mostly carried out in private clinics. Since majority of them are of aesthetic nature, patients have to cover them themselves.

NHS meets the costs for cosmetic surgeries only in cases induced by medical reasons. Doctor´s recommendation and assessment is essential in this matter. Psychological reasons might be as well considered to be a medical necessity.


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Procedures covered by NHS

Most common procedures covered by NHS are mole removal, rhinoplasty (nose job), and breast reduction, which may be sometimes used due to  functional reasons, to relieve neck or back pain.

It is important to say that NHS resources are limited and you might wait a long time to have it covered. Under special circumstances, CCG (Clinical commissioning group) may decide if cosmetic surgery is required and thus covered to improve patients health. However, these cases are quite rare. 

A recent research uncovered also those women who are lying about their welfare and self-confidence trying to push doctors into cosmetic surgery on the NHS.

Some doctors do not resist this pressure any more and operate patients without medical grounds because they do not want to turn down their patients. No official figures are given how much money NHS spends on cosmetic procedures. It is up to authorities to ensure wise spending.

Don´t waste money, spend it!



MD Oleg Turkin PhD

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