Why augmented breasts may look wierd


Unsuccessful breast augmentation - the most common reasons
Inappropriate size – oversize breast implants
Sagging after breast implants
Breast Implants Asymmetry
Large separation of augmented breasts
Unnatural look of augmented breasts due to post-operative complications


► Unsuccessful breast augmentation - the most common reasons

Natural look is one of the most important criteria of successful breast augmentation. Inappropriate size, non-symmetric look, large distance between the breasts, so called breast separation and post-operation side effects or complications – these are the most common reasons responsible for unnatural look after the surgery.

► Inappropriate size – oversize breast implants

This is the most common mistake, when oversized implants are applied and cause unnatural look. It is important to understand that oversized implants don’t fit the area and this fact results in making the implants’ margins visible which is definitely unnatural.

The surgeon must try to explain the negative impact of such oversized implants if a woman requests excessive implants or not to perform such procedure at all.

There are several aspects to be considered before the procedure and overall result and the final look is one of them. The surgeon must take into account client’s anatomy as well and can not only fulfill client’s wishes. When the woman is too petite or slim, oversized breast implants look unnatural, attract undesirable attention and may cause health problems.

► Sagging after breast implants

Oversized breast implants can cause breast sagging. Such effect is mostly common in implants positioned under the mammary gland and when the skin is too thin or tight.


The breast looks like a sack filled with solid matter. Reparation of this state is often complicated and requires breast remodeling, removing the implants and applying new ones.

Both of the above mentioned problems can be easily avoided. Discussion and sensitive approach are the key roles in breast augmentation procedures.

► Breast Implants Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can be a reason for breast procedure but it can be a result of such procedure. The most important element in this case is definitely the surgeon’s experiences and his professionalism.

The surgeon must be able to take into account and notice the client’s anatomy, asymmetry and any individual imperfections. When the breasts are asymmetric naturally, before the procedure, then using a different size of breasts implants might be considered and the client must be informed about the possible solutions so that a satisfactory result will be achieved.

Breast asymmetry can also be caused by violation of post-operative instructions and not following the recovery advice. Common problem is when the client doesn’t wear post-operative compression garment which is necessary for the right healing process.

However, asymmetry can be also perceived individually and sometimes even when the asymmetry is solved, the client can have such feeling.

► Large separation of augmented breasts

Some women have breasts naturally separated one from each other and they are hoping in having this distance filled after the procedure.  When they seek procedure, they want to have the implants positioned as close to each other as possible.

However, the breasts separation is caused by the chest anatomy and chest shape and sometimes it is not possible to modify the separation in the procedure. Of course, precise positioning and choosing the right breast implants size are crucial.

► Unnatural look of augmented breasts due to post-operative complications

There are several acute or late post-operative complications which may influence the final result of augmented breasts. Some of them are delayed wound healing when incision site fails to heal normally or takes longer to heal, causes presence of scar tissue, wrinkling of the implant, tightening of the tissue capsule around an implant, resulting in firmness or hardening of the breast and squeezing of the implant if severe or an implant rupture or deflation.

A well experienced and qualified surgeon, discussion in details and personal approach can minimize these negative side effects and avoid most of them.



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