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Are breast implants safe?

The size and the shape of breasts have a significant impact on a woman’s life. Once a woman decides to have a breast surgery done, she considers and pays a lot of attention to the selection of the right breast implants.



Safe breast implants

The size and the shape of breasts have a significant impact on a woman’s life. Once a woman decides to have a breast surgery done, she considers and pays a lot of attention to the selection of the right breast implants. Besides the size and shape of the implants, safeness is one of the important factors.

Lovely curves, nice long well treated hair are one of the femininity attributes. Most of us look after ourselves; we use all sorts of moisturizing creams, hair treatment shampoos and conditioners in order to stay beautiful and attractive. Some of us prefer long natural hair, some of us like to have it short and dyed, and everybody likes something different. It is the same with our breasts. We take care of them so that they are gorgeous. However, we are not able to influence their development as much as hair, or are we?

Some of us are satisfied with their breasts, with the size and shape, on the other hand, many dream of a larger size or a different shape and more feminine look. Modern aesthetic surgery allows modification of breasts’ size and shape using breast implants.

This kind of surgery is called breast augmentation – increasing breast size using implants – can bring concerns about the safeness of the materials used for such surgery. It is absolutely natural that women are interested in knowing what is going to become a part of their body for a long period of time.


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Zero risk of damaging with high quality implants

The implants safeness is ensured by consistent testing. Testing includes wide range of tests. The basic one is tensile strength test also known as elongation test. In this test the implant is stretched up to 450% of its original size, it means it is 4.5 times larger. The implant can not get damaged during the test if it is approved for medical use. Another value to be tested is pressure. Once an implant proven as safe, it must retain static pressure of 600 kg. Structural tests and fatigue tests are performed in order to study and examine dynamic forces operating on the implants during running.


The reason such tests are done and are very strict and demanding is very simple and useful for a practical life. You might be wondering why it is necessary for an implant to retain such pressure or strain. Let’s imagine a car accident; in such situation woman’s chest is exposed to extreme forces caused by safety belt or airbags. However, safe and tested implants are able to sustain such forces without damage or causing any harm to the woman. Such situation is tested using a 4.5 kg weight dropped from height. An implant which passed such test must have no damage, must not leak or change its shape and after the test it gains its original shape.


What is inside of the implant?

Implants for increasing the breast size are usually made of special medical silicone which is absolutely safe for human body, unlike technical silicone. It is a cutting-edge material and it has a gel consistency, it is the special non-liquid silicone gel and a multilayered, dense shell which make the implant unique and safe. These features avoid the risk of leaking of the implant content in case of rupturing. Even in case of serious damage, the implant does not leak and it keeps its shape. This material is able to adopt and it is adjustable so that it feels and resembles natural breasts with their natural features such as softness and shape.


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How will my body accept the implants?

Biocompatibility is one of the main criteria when developing and manufacturing breast implants. This means that the used material must be well accepted by human body with no side effects or unnecessary reactions. All sorts of test are carried out in order to exclude toxicity of the material as well as any possible carcinogenic factors. Long-term extensive studies have proved that there is no higher occurrence of cancer or auto-immune diseases in women with breast implants than those without breast implants. All these tests and criteria ensure that the breast implants which passed these tests are absolutely safe and harmless for a human body and the probability of side effects occurrence is minimized.


Breast augmentation and breastfeeding


There is no need to be concerned or worried. Implants are placed under the mammary (breast) gland or under the mammary muscle.  This method minimizes any negative impacts on breastfeeding. However, the shape of breasts may be different and changed after breastfeeding and this is something we should be aware of.


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Implants used at our clinic

Implants by company Mentor with texturized surface are used at our clinic. These implants are of the best quality and Mentor provides a lifetime exchange-implant warranty in case of implant shell rupture. Each implant has got its very own and unique ID card and warranty list – certificate with ID number and register card.

All implants are manufactured by Mentor. They are characterized by the special non-liquid silicone gel and a multilayered, dense shell. All implants are primarily handmade according to the highest quality requirements. The special consistency of the silicone gel makes the artificial breast resemble a natural breast in touch and movement. These implants can be used for aesthetic augmentation or breast reconstruction after recovering from an illness. These implants are solely safe.



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