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How long will last result of my surgery?

This is a frequently asked question and clients often ask the question before undergoing a surgery. The answer varies a lot and can influence client’s decision making.


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However, this question and its answer can not be generalized. There are several factors that must be taken into account. When we think of most common factors, we can name a few of them:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Aftercare and recovery period
  • The procedure itself

The most important factor is the client’s age and physical or health condition. Many of the procedures modify skin tissues in some way and also lower tissues or muscles. The age is closely linked to the level of chemical compounds in our body which are responsible for elasticity of skin and also ligaments and lower tissues. Such compounds are collagen, which is an essential building compound of skin, vitamins, mostly Vitamin C, rich hydration and others.

Healthy lifestyle makes also an important factor. Healthy diet rich in Vitamins, healthy proteins and fats, physical activity such as regular exercise, avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, moderate sunbathing, spending enough time outdoors rather than in air-conditioned areas, these all are factors that can contribute in long lasting surgery results.

Aftercare and recovery period are crucial for achieving the best possible and long lasting results too. It is important to follow medical advice and strictly do what you were recommended.


Doctor says Dr. Oleg Turkin Cosmetic surgeon
“ Recovery period is highly beneficial and important in achieving best possible results of surgery. Our useful advice, time and medicaments will complete our job and leave you with great results. ”


The decisive factor is the procedure itself. Each procedure result has got a timespan, a period when the expected results remain visible. However, aging can’t be stopped and tissues as well as health condition keep changing over the time.

Therefore some of the procedures require re-operation; some require exchange of used materials, such as breast implants, or adding more filling materials, etc. Each procedure and client must be consulted individually and expected period of results is explained and specified during the consultation. 



MD Oleg Turkin PhD

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