The best way how to avoid Breast implants Re-operation

► Rising trend in cosmetic surgery super specialisation
► Cosmetic surgery clinics with low level of practice = problem
► Why are cosmetic surgery regulations important?
► Personal references of surgeons and clinics
► Low cost cosmetic surgery could mean poor quality
► Do a proper research to find the right place


Recently, the number of breast implants reoperations has risen. This may well be caused by several factors:

  • such as low level of surgeons’ education and practice,
  • rising clients’ demands for higher and better quality of the procedure,
  • the number of surgeries itself, etc.

This is a simple guide on what to follow in order to choose the right workplace and minimize negative side effects. The final result consists of more factors.

► Rising trend in cosmetic surgery super specialisation

Over the past few years, cosmetic surgery has changed and headed to “super specialization” which proved as the best direction.


Once the results must be optimal and risks reduced, specialization provides both. Super specialization allows the surgeon to execute the same or similar surgery many times a day or a week and this practice contributes the surgeon’s skills. Such surgeon gains skills and this gives him/her better usage of different techniques, ability to use all possible sizes, models and positions in order to achieve the best result possible.

If the surgeon does only a few surgeries in a time, he/she lacks the practice and is not able to fulfill client’s expectations. But even worse, the surgeon is not able to position the implants correctly, nor take advantage of their size and shape, is not able to adopt client’s anatomy features. Sadly, there are plenty of workplaces where only a small range of techniques are used, as well as low variety of models, positioning and type of implants.

► Cosmetic surgery clinics with low level of practice = problem

One of the major threats are newly developed “so called” Cosmetic surgery clinics where the surgeons possess low level of practice, many of them are not qualified or certified as cosmetic surgeons and in extreme case, such “clinics” do not even have a permission for executing such practice.

Nevertheless the technical facility of such workplace plays an important role as well.  Such level of facility differs depending on the type of the workplace and often lacks proper equipment and appliances.

These are the reasons why doing a good research, having personal references and not only following a fancy advertisement is definitely a good idea.

► Why are cosmetic surgery regulations important?


Most likely it is a system problem itself which is quite common world-wide. Although many countries do a lot to regulate such business applying all sorts of regulations, it can be relatively simple to avoid such regulations.

► Personal references of surgeons and clinics

Therefore personal references represent a significant role and provide a perfect feedback on the services of a certain clinic or services. Searching the internet can be also beneficial, visiting forums, chats where professionals can advise you as well about a workplace they consider as safe and of a high quality.

► Low cost cosmetic surgery could mean poor quality

Costs ratings/ price list is also a moment which can tell us some secrets. Once the prices are too low, underestimated, this is a signal that something is wrong. If the workplace tends to follow all regulations, uses high standard materials and possesses qualified staff, then the price can not be reasonably too low.

If the price is too low, then it comes to implants of unknown origin, lifespan, quality, the workplace itself is of poor standard too, or the staff is not well qualified, in the worst case, a combination of everything.

► Do a proper research to find the right place

Well, if you are looking for the right place to have your surgery done, be careful, do a proper research, gather references, compare several workplaces and forums and finally, make a decision you are not going to regret. Spending a little more time and money can bring you more than you might expect.



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