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Breast reduction - Anchor technique

Some women are concerned about the breasts that are overly large for their figure causing problems such as pain in neck, shoulders or back. Too large breast are likely to make some women feel self-conscious and embarrassed. The other reason might be a problem with shopping for proper clothing, bras and swimsuit that fit.


Mammoplasty with anchor technique

Anchor technique offers great change to women with oversized drooping breasts  with aim to gain more proportional appearance and perkier shape.

In general, every mammoplasty consists of the following steps:

  • planning-merking the incisions and new areola position,
  • deepithelialization of pedicles,
  • resection of the gland (or not in case of ptosis correction),
  • transposition of the nipple areola complex to the new position,
  • gland modelation with few stitches and skin suture.


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There are 3 incision related to anchor approach:

  • the one around the edge of areola,
  • the other runs vertically down to the breast crease
  • and the last one is made along the crease underneath the breast.

This particular technique is recommended to those patients who might consider the operation due to asymmetry or sagging of their oversized breasts, most frequently to the patients who need significant breast size reduction.

Plastic surgeon removes excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast and transfer the aerola complex to central position. The rest of the skin tissue is then reshaped and fixed using dissolvable sutures. In some cases liposuction follows in order to remove excess fat from the area around armpits.  

Scarring after the surgery may be visible below the nipple and therefore easily covered with bra. Scars are expected to fade away within a year.

It is not given what is the best age for breast reductions, however, women whose breasts are fully developed and those who do not plan breastfeeding any more are preferred.



dr-turkin-small-image.jpgDr Oleg Turkin is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial, body and breast surgery. He has very dedicated approach to his work, aiming to give patients a first class service with more than 30 years experience.  
DR. OLEG TURKIN Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery


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