Things to Consider, Before You Get Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation? Of course, but you should consider wisely these facts before making a decision. Professional surgeons give you some useful advice on what is necessary to consider before the breast augmentation.



Breast augmentation is one of the most demanded aesthetic surgeries worldwide. The fact that women are interested in and often tackle the issue of breast appearance is proven by statistics and practice experiences too.

The survey shows, performed by STEM/MARK, that every fourth surveyed woman has considered breast augmentation. However, every woman should consider and make such decision after serious evaluation. That is what our surgeons advise.

Before making the decision, it is necessary to judge all pros and cons and answer these questions.


Why do I want breast augmentation?

Some women can be concerned about breast asymmetry, while the others can have concerns about the size and feel like “the girls” aren’t growing. Often, women who were breastfeeding and the breasts have lost their shape and size would like to get the youngish look back.

Whatsoever the reason is, the consequences of such emotional imbalance may lead to permanent unsatisfactory feeling and dissatisfaction with the appearance. Such dissatisfaction can cause loss of self-confidence and depressions. Breast augmentation can be a good solution and way out of such situation.


If a woman undergoes the surgery because of herself she will cope with the surgery a lot better and the result will be more satisfactory than a woman who undergoes the surgery on her partner demands.

In the case when a partner insists on the surgery, it should be considered wisely and after consultation.


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What are my expectations about the final look?

The appearance of the breasts is crucial and most women have an exact vision of the look they want to achieve when they come to a clinic. In such case, it is practical to find some pictures and bring them to consultancy.

The surgeon will be able to understand the client and have a better image of what he is asked for. If the requirements are unrealistic due to any reasons, the surgeon can provide a professional opinion and make certain corrections together with the client and achieve a common goal. Luckily, there are not many cases when too large breast implants are requested to be implanted. Such surgery is not recommended for aesthetic or medical reasons.


How can I distinguish a professional – a good surgeon?

The basic assumption is the education – a surgeon must be a board-certified plastic surgeon, properly trained and experienced. A membership in a board of plastic surgery is also a trustworthy source of information.

Once the surgeon is a skillful professional, you should be able to find positive, yet objective references reviewed by his clients.

One more aspect is also important, surgeon’s attitude towards the client. The surgeon should be able to listen to the client’s wishes. On the other hand he must be able to provide reasonable facts, advice and describe realistic possibilities and professional evaluation.

It is essential to inform the client about all details of the surgery including possible negative aspects which are in connection with the surgery.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation


Why is the consultancy essential?

The consultancy is essential in terms of providing explanations and clarifying expectations. Therefore, the surgeon who will perform the surgery should give such consultancy.

Occasionally, there can be a situation when a consultancy is given by a different surgeon than the one who does the surgery. However, this model has been criticized in the professional fields.

Each client must consider if she allows a surgeon, who does not have time to see her and listen to her and discuss important details, to perform her surgery. We truly believe in personal approach to each and every client, devoting time to an in person consultancy and giving all necessary information is our main priority.

Undergoing an aesthetic surgery is an important decision and it is therefore relevant to provide deep and professional approach and care. If this aspect of preparatory phase is neglected, it may negatively influence the result.

The surgeon must devote personal consultancy to his client. If not, it may cause unexpected and unwanted results. This is our credo and we passionately follow it.


How to choose the right implants?

When choosing the breast implants, women often consider their shape, size and sometimes the positioning or location. However, they omit other aspects.


The most important criterion is the quality of the implants and unfortunately, quality of implants varies a lot. The quality means safety. The most reliable and safest implants are certified by FDA. FDA is an American company with its quality norms set strictly at a very high standard.

There are not many implant brands available with such certification, for example Mentor or Allergan to name but a few.

The rest of the factors, such as shape or firmness are more or less of the client’s choice. Anatomically shaped implants are preferred by women who want to achieve more natural look, round shaped implants are the choice of women who seek a larger chest volume.


How long will the implants keep their final appearance?

The final appearance is achieved gradually, weeks to months after the surgery. The tissues around the breast implants need several weeks to months to recover as well as the implants to reach their final position.

The recovery period varies a lot and cannot be specified exactly as it depends on the client’s medical predispositions.

In general, breasts are swollen and firmer shortly after the surgery and continuously get softer, swelling goes away and the position gets stabilized.

The period while the final effect remains is individual as well. There are many factors influencing the final result and appearance. Some of them are for instance elasticity of skin, mammary gland itself, lifestyle, pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.


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Can implants be replaced?

Breast implants required replacing until recently. There were several reasons to do so.

First of all the prevention factor after a period of 10 to 15 years after the surgery in order to avoid health complications and risks due to leakage of silicone gel outside of the implant shell. However, nowadays modern implants do not require replacing as there is no risk of silicone leakage as the gel is cohesive.


Intensive research and development have brought results and enabled to set quality standards to the highest level improving the safety of implants.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there are vast differences in the quality of implants and therefore it is very important to pay an extra attention to the selection of the reliable breast implants.

Although modern breast implants do not require replacing due to risk of leakage, there may occur reasons or situations when replacing is necessary. Such situation is represented by health or medical problems or when the aesthetic effect is not satisfactory.

These complications can be successfully and often avoided when choosing the right and experienced surgeon and reliable and high quality breast implants.




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