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Basic Open Rhinoplasty
Would I be a candidate for open rhinoplasty?
Advantages and Disadvantages to Open Rhinoplasty
After Care Advice for Rhinoplasty


Basic Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty commonly called open incisional two or three section rhinoplasty. This surgery is performed by leading an external incision at the base of outer termination of the septum – columella.

This incision releases ligament and fiber tissues in-between deep cartilage structure and nasal tip texture. Such opening enables nose remodeling focused on nasal tip.


mudr-hudakova.jpgDr. Hudakova says: “On top of that such technique enables visualizing intranasal cartilage, thus allows the surgeon to perform the reduction of lateral cartilage and correction of nasal bone and septal deviation too.


Nasal septal cartilage can be modified in order to achieve the best results and sculpt the nasal tip.

Different bulbous noses, nostril exposures or upturned nose can be effectively narrowed or elongated using open rhinoplasty surgery.

The open rhinoplasty surgery is performed in general anesthesia and clients are not allowed to drink or eat on the day of surgery.

Would I be a candidate for open rhinoplasty?

This kind of surgery is suitable for most clients and it meets clients’ expectations in high rate. This surgery represents a solution for clients with unsatisfactory nose conditions like short nose, collapsed or deviated nose and bulbous nose.

It is possible to elongate and narrow nasal tip as well as columella in order to achieve desired corrections of nose looks.

Excessive fat is removed and this method is also applicable in problems such as broad nasal tip. Nasal bone reduction is often carried out along with open rhinoplasty in order to correct nasal bridge imperfections or broad nasal base.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Open Rhinoplasty


As every surgery, open rhinoplasty brings its disadvantages too. It is a complex surgery and requires certain recovery period, which usually takes about seven to fourteen days.

Surgical scars after external incision may occasionally remain and be visible. However, such experience is rare. The surgery is irreversible and original shape or look of nose is highly difficult to be restored.

On the other hand desired looks and expectations are met relatively easily and in most cases with no upcoming corrections. Moreover, more problems and imperfections can be solved at one time.

After Care Advice for Rhinoplasty

A splint or supportive plate is worn for two weeks after the surgery to support the nasal bridge.

Clients are advised to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking and handle their noses gently. Cleaning intranasal wounds is recommended too, every morning and evening for about two months after the surgery.

Visiting a doctor in case of suffering from flu or any infectious diseases is necessary. ATBs are usually prescribed to prevent infections. In case you have any questions or you find this this article interesting and need more information, please contact us and apply for a free consultation.


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