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Facelift evolution

The facelift was born around the turn of the century. Early operations included little more than snipping away a bit of skin around the ears. More aggressive facelifts achieved better results, but were riskier to the patients health. Hand in hand with the evolution of Face lift the facelift cost have changed significantly as well.


Hand in hand with the evolution of Face lift the facelift cost have changed significantly as well.



The goal of the facelift is to rejuvenate the patients appearance by reversing some of the inevitable signs of aging. The excess skin and fat are removed from the neck and lower half of the face and the remaining tissue is tightened.

Until the last few decades, all Facelifts were, in fact, neck lifts because they focused on tightening of the skin and reducing jowls, double chin and the two prominent bands of platysma that contribute to the “turkey– gobbler“ neck.



The primary goal of the recent Facelift techniques is to flatten out nasolabial folds and raise malar pads in the cheeks. In young people, these pads of fat accentuate the cheekbones, but they often slip downwards, as a person ages.

The central/mid Facelift is generally for people in their forties, who have deep nasolabial folds, but not yet jowls or redundant neck skin. A Facelift corrects deep wrinkles, not fine lines and small wrinkles. In general, Facelifts are distinguished by how deeply surgeons cut.


The most superficial Facelift cuts only the skin layers which effectively tightens loose skin. A more natural look is achieved with two layer Facelift. The surgeon separates the skin from its underlying layer of fibrous fatty tissue and lifts both layers independently of one another. This lessens the chance of stretching out the lips and also decreases the chance of scarring caused by pulling too hard on the skin.

With composite Facelift, the fibrous fatty tissue and skin are lifted as one unit. The composite Facelift has the advantage of improved blood supply to the skin since the attached underlying layers feed the skin. The deepest Facelift cuts clear to the bone.

The latest Facelift approach is the endoscopic Facelift, where the surgeon lifts all the soft tissues of the face from the level of the bone using the endoscope placed through small incisions in the hairline.


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When deciding for cosmetic surgery, the price is often one of the deciding factors. We can offer you affordable Face lift cost performed by fully qualified and certified plastic surgeons with years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Cost of the Facelift in the UK are often out of reach for many and we try to make the cosmetic and plastic surgery available and affordable for everyone.



In the price of the cosmetic surgery we include for you:

  • cosmetic surgery
  • preoperative tests and full examination
  • consultation with the surgeon
  • operating theatre charges
  • 1/3 nights a the medical facility (if required)
  • check ups, stitches removal
  • dressings and surgical wear
  • support garment worn after the surgery
  • 24/7 on call services of New Look Holiday staff
  • Plastic Surgery Imagine



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