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How is nasal hump removal performed?

Nasal hump removal is very common and popular procedure. Humps usually fall into one of the following three categories: a pseudo hump, a concealed hump and true humps.



The bump on your nose might be the characteristic feature you inherited from your daddy or any other family member, or it may well be the result of trauma from a recent or childhood injury.

Nose surgery / Nasal hump removal surgery

A bump or hump considered as a family trait is usually cartilage not a bone, which is then shaved down. If necessary the bone can be filled. In case of a depression in between your eyes, your surgeon will use a small graft of cartilage to increase the depression.

The goal of both approaches is to refine the profile of a patient. Providing the nasal septum is deviated, your surgeon will advise its straightening with reduction of some excess parts inside in order to achieve better breathing.

Once the nose is sculpted into desirable shape, nasal skin must be redraped. Incisions are later closed. 


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After nasal hump removal surgery

Just after the surgery, internal tubes of splints might be placed to support your nose and the healing process can start. This type of procedure is likely to change your appearance dramatically. However, try not to rely on a perfect appearance few days following the surgery.

Your nose will probably bear some marks of swelling and stuffiness. It might thus last a year for your nasal contour to refine completely. 


The best candidates for nasal hump removal surgery

The best candidates are those with elastic skin that is not too thick to be able to shrink wrap accordingly around the newly diminished nose and those with high motivation and realistic expectations. 

Apart from nasal hump the most wanted aesthetic nose surgeries  include  procedures refining crooked, wide, big, small, or long nose. In most of these cases, open rhinoplasty is applied.

So if you are seeking to improve the function of your nose, its performance and image, do not hesitate and contact us. Your overall mood and lifestyle will probably change as well. You will feel more attractive and self-assured.



MD Oleg Turkin PhD

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