Mid facelift procedure

As we are going through the process of aging our skin loses its tone, elasticity and tends to sag. This sagging mostly affects the area of cheeks, neck and eyelids too. A common factor in this process is caused by loss of fat and sinking submalar triangle.



If this state is left untreated, it will quickly progress and turns into irreversible signs. Mid facelift is a perfect solution for obvious skin laxity condition with a long-lasting and visible effect.  

Mid facelift technique

The surgery involves an incision, sometimes more incisions, which are hidden in the area of the scalp above the temple. The incision allows the surgeon access to the lower eyelids and cheeks.

Blood vessels and nerves are separated from the subcutaneous fascia and treated safely so that there is no risk of harm.

Then a proper dissection of fascia is performed which releases the flap and loosened mid-face skin. Once the excess skin is freed, it can be pulled up by lifting the threads. The treads are pulled up and fascia is secured to the deep fascia within the incision.

This procedure effectively stretches mid-face skin and excess skin is removed to maximize surgical tightening. The results are long-lasting and client’s expectations are met in a high range.


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Who is a good candidate for a mid-facelift?


The procedure is indicated in clients with mild and moderate skin laxity and sagging, usually at the age of their thirties and older. Gradual skin laxity of mid-face area can be successfully treated with effective results.


How much does a mid facelift cost?

The fees may vary depending on several factors, such as the surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, medication, etc. However, the cost of facelift performed by our company can save you as much as 70% of a comparable surgery in the UK. One of the major factors is lower labor cost in combination with less complicated administrative system and minor tax burden.

For an exact cost of your facelift, please arrange a consultation and all necessary details will be explained to you by our patient coordinators.


Pros and cons of mid facelift

Incisions are hidden and not visible and no scars are left on the face. Generally, the mid facelift brings the client obvious results in a short time period and can affect several facial areas. Recovery period is very short and clients can get back to their everyday routines on the second day after the procedure. As every surgery, this one has got certain level of risks too.

Valium has many indications for use. First of all, these are mental disorders: non-alcoholic delirium, anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, schizophrenia, psychosis, phobias, acute stress reaction, tics, personality disorders. Valium (Diazepam) can be used as part of complex therapy for stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, menopausal disorders, myocardial infarction, gestosis, hypertension, epilepsy, Meniere's disease, eczema, etc. It is also used as a means to enhance the effect of anesthetics, before operations and endoscopic examinations.

Poor healing, regional loss of hair or slight changes in the hairline may occur. However, we avoid these cons by following strict standards and working with a professional team of surgeons and medical staff. They are all board certified and highly experienced so that our clients are satisfied and expectations fulfilled.

For any queries, please contact us directly and our team is here for you to answer all of your questions. 



dr-turkin-small-image.jpgDr Oleg Turkin is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial, body and breast surgery. He has very dedicated approach to his work, aiming to give patients a first class service with more than 30 years experience.  
DR. OLEG TURKIN Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery



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