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Facelift using the tumescence technique

It is not known exactly when the first facelift was carried out. This procedure originated in Europe in the nineteenth century. The first facelifts though, consisted of only minimal resection in which pieces of skin were removed in the front part of the ears. Over the years, the dissection performed during facelift has tried more invasive methods.



Different methodes of facelift

There are many incision techniques that can be used, depending on the patient´s age and degree of skin flaccidity in order to achieve optimal results. All the face lift procedures can be performed with local anesthesia. A standardized surgical facelift operation using the tumescent technique is becoming more and more popular.


Tumescence technique of facelift

The whole face is suctioned with tiny needles. The great benefit of this method is that the surgeon can place the correct anatomical layer without any effort. The mini needles which are inserted into the tissue without pressure gravitate automatically to the area of fatty tissue. Since the supporting tissue remains fully intact, the actual dissection is done quickly and with literally no loss of blood. This procedure produces excellent long-term results.


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Best candidates for tumescence technique of face lift

An important point to bear in mind is that the goal of every facelift procedure should be to obtain a natural and not a mask-like apperarance. This type of facelift is suitable for younger patients aged 40 years and above, where only the nasolabial and cheek regions have to be lifted.

During any face lifting procedure it is important to place the patient´s head in the centre line before tightening the skin in order to achieve symmetrical results.

Do you still look attractive and charming in your early forties yet want to refine and raise your cheek parts? Then try the least invasive facelift using tumescent technique and leave your partner and family breathless.



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