Plastic, aesthetic, intimate surgery is a delicate surgery that can help women who are not satisfied with their feelings, shape or with the state of their genital region.


Plastic gynecology, intimate surgery, aesthetic gynecology... All this is also one of the youngest branches of medicine. It is a special category of medicine in which there are actually two fields involved.


Female genital plastic surgery - Labiaplasty

This surgery is performed by plastic surgeons and gynecologists too. Due to some specification issues we recommend such operations to be carried out by gynecologists with plastic surgical skills.

However, a skillful plastic surgeon can perform such surgery and reach high standard. It depends on surgeon’s skills, experiences and practice.


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What is the scope of labiaplasty

Plastic, aesthetic, intimate surgery is a delicate surgery that can help women who are not satisfied with their feelings, shape or with the state of their genital region.

Such procedure can be compared to a rhinoplasty. When one has got a prominent nose he/she knows it can be amended and turned into a cute little nose. However, only a few women are aware of the fact that similar procedure can be performed regarding their intimate parts.

Once a woman has got large inner lips, so called “small lips” (labia minora) and she feels uncomfortable and these feeling make her insecure, she can get this solved by intimate surgery.

The effect of the surgery is massive mostly in terms of psychology and mental state of woman, bringing a lot of benefits in her private life and improving quality of her lifestyle.


What are the types of labiaplasty procedure?

Labiaplasty is a procedure which models small lips (labia minora). Small lips are two skin folds which are highly sensitive and soft and are placed under large lips (labia majora) and surround the vaginal opening with clitoris on the top.

The size and color of small lips varies massively in woman to woman. There are at least 70 different types of small lips looks. Small lips can be as small as almost invisible, on the other hand they can be as big and deformed as they are visible and can cause discomfort.


Plastic gynecology procedure can relieve and solve the issue and remove the deformity. This results in woman’s comfort and having no unpleasant limits in doing activities she wishes for. When a woman decides to go for such procedure, there is a necessary consultation to a surgeon so that all possibilities, expectations and imaginations are discussed.

This consultation is followed by regular pre-operative examinations. The procedure is carried out after the period. This procedure is performed extremely gently so that no tissue is damaged and the level of sensitivity remains the same and scars are hidden in skin folds.

Scars are almost invisible and stiches are absorbable. After the procedure one must keep a strict intimate hygiene. For the first couple of days it I advised to keep the region free from garment, without underwear and uncovered, not to be seated for long period of time and avoid sex for few weeks.

There is not a lot of pain present after the surgery. However, a client can possess soreness for about two weeks after the surgery. The wounds and scars are healed in 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery and being sexually active is advised no sooner than 6 weeks after the surgery. 


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation


General Labiaplasty

It is a lot more complicated procedure and this procedure is able to solve any kind of deformity. This procedure is indicated in very complicated and also hereditary deformities. In an ideal condition, small lips are formed of one single skin fold, hidden under large lips.

However, in some cases small lips are formed of several skin folds with mucous membrane present. Such deformity requires general Labiaplasty and involves the region over the clitoris down to the lower part of vaginal opening.

The procedure is demanding and takes about 90 minutes. It is performed in general anesthesia. Although it is a more complicated procedure, the recovery period is similar to Labiaplasty and doesn’t require any special treatment different from regular Labiaplasty.


There are also other procedures, such as labia major augmentation, hymenoplasty and vaginal opening surgery. These procedures are considered and indicated after having a birth when the tissues are damaged or modified and often loose.

Such procedures can solve the problems with high level of satisfactory. Recovery period is similar, about two weeks and sexual activity should be avoided for about six weeks from the procedure.

Women considering such procedures must always discuss their plans with plastic and gynecologic surgeon who can advise them the best possible method, procedure and rule out any contraindications.

Then, the procedure can really meet the aim and make woman feel a lot more confident and make her free from any discomfort or insecurity. 




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