Myths and facts about post-surgical bras

Breast Augmentation? Of course, but you should consider wisely these facts before making a decision. Professional surgeons give you some useful advice on what is necessary to consider before the breast augmentation.



Whether you have decided to undergo a breast augmentation – enlarging breasts with silicone implants or any other breast aesthetic surgery, which will improve your looks and will give you more self-confidence, you should know that once you leave the operating hall, the entire process is not at its end.

Your post-surgery approach and activity can significantly influence the result and bring benefits to the whole process and such care and recovery phase is mostly driven and influenced by you. Getting as much information as possible is very important before undergoing any aesthetic surgery, knowing the scope of the surgery can provide you with a better image of what you can expect.


Most common myths and facts about post-surgical bras

Nowadays the source of information is mostly presented by the internet; however, it is not always easy to distinguish if the information is trustworthy. This article describes the most common myths which are being discussed on the internet.


Myth No. 1 - Wearing a sport bra after the augmentation is good enough

Fact: A sport bra is designed for doing sports and that is where the name comes from. A sports bra provides breasts with necessary support while doing sports. However, breasts need a special compression after augmentation.


The correct implants’ position and fixation is crucial and it must be retained during the recovery phase. Such positioning and fixation cannot be done using a standard sport bra.


Myth No. 2 - Wearing no bra is recommended for some period after the surgery

Fact: Breast support is very important after any kind of surgery whether it is augmentation, lift or reduction. All of those surgeries were perform therefore it takes some time until your breasts and the final result are fully recovered and achieved.

Your breasts need a special care and support during this period and so wearing a special bra is necessary. Such bra is specially designed so that it provides special support and compression.

For example after augmentation, the implants are being surrounded by the tissue and if the implants and breasts are not supported and compressed by post-surgical bra there is the risk that implants change their position and the tissue which is loosened will drop. These undesirable aspects can negatively result in extensive asymmetry.


Myth No. 3 - I can wear a swimsuit or no bra after two or three weeks after the surgery

Fact: Post-surgical reaction and the recovery period is individual for every client. Method of augmentation is also a decisive factor.

If the implants are located under the mammary gland, the supportive capsule around the implant is formed faster and it allows the client to get back to her pre-surgery lifestyle sooner and also makes the recovery period and healing more comfortable than the method when the implants are located under the muscle.

However, both cases require wearing a post-surgery compressive bra which provides the breasts and implants required support and compression thus keep the implants in the right and fixed position.

Most surgeons recommend wearing a post-surgery bra for the period of 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery. At the same time, individual features and health condition of each client can influence the period too.

Lipoelastic has several types of post-surgical compressive bra for the first phase of post-surgery care. Breasts require special care and attention in this phase. PI Special is one of the most suitable and preferred choice as a post-surgical compressive bra and it is recommended for the period of 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery.

Achieving the best result requires special care in the next 3 to 6 weeks after the surgery and wearing a swimsuit is not recommended in this period. A better choice might be PI Unique which is specially designed for the second phase of post-surgery care. This special bra is also very useful in everyday life too and has a wide range of usage. It can be worn while doing sports such as running, aerobics or just taking a walk.


Myth No. 4 - Post-surgical bras are uncomfortable and they are not sexy

Fact: Post-surgical bras are made according to the latest technological processes and are made of the best and certified materials. A unique finishing, design and special features enable high comfort and practical use in everyday life during the whole recovery phase and even later on.

Each compressive bra is tested so that it provides the right positioning and fixation of the implants as well as the design brings comfort and the right look during days and nights.

LIPOELASTIC is proud to have a wide selection of post-surgical bras of different styles and features. You will definitely find a bra which suits your expectations whether for everyday life or even as an accessory beneath a sexy evening dress.


Myth No. 5 - A nasty and unpleasant scar remains after the surgery incision when wearing a bra as the tissue cannot “breath” and heal under the compressive bra

Fact: The appearance of the scar is most of all depended on the surgeon’s skills and experiences. Your post-surgery care comes as second magnificent aspect. A compressive bra is designed so that it helps the healing process and allows the tissue to “breath” no matter the method of surgery.

A post-surgery bra is a must whether the implants were placed via armpit incision, around areola region or via breast crease and it does not press painful spots. The material “Classic Dry” used for the bras is airy and allows the skin to breath so it is suitable for wearing in the first phase of recovery period when the bra is worn 24/7.

Soma (Carisoprodol) really was effective. I do not recommend overusing and self-medicating, but in case of emergency, when there is no opportunity to see a doctor, but I need to help myself, I would recommend paying attention to this drug at

Materials used for second phase bras, Active Dry, are also very gentle to the client’s skin and provide freshness feelings when being worn. However, if you feel that the scars and the healing process should be faster, try silicone gel sheeting Epi-Derm by BIODERMIS.

Gel application makes the scar management faster and offers a full implant capsuling which avoids the creation of nasty keloid scars.


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Myth No. 6 - Only a cotton bra is suitable as elastic and synthetic bras are not comfortable and often cause allergic reactions

Fact: Therapy of compression is essential for every aesthetic surgery if we want to achieve the best result. The breasts after surgery require support and fixation 24/7 for several weeks after the procedure.

LIPOELASTIC offers special seamless bras with providing maximum comfort and helps the healing process. All used materials are tested strictly and certified once they pass all tests. These materials do not contain latex. Latex is often the trigger of skin allergic reactions.

LIPOELASTIC also offers a bra with no cotton. This bra is made of Classic Dry material. This material is highly airy, it keeps a natural microclimate and humidity is taken away through the external layer. For those who prefer natural materials, there is this PI Special bra with cotton. This bra is comfortable and avoids skin irritation as well as it creates steady and necessary compression of your breasts.




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