Getting back to normal after Nose surgery

It is very important to not to underestimate the time necessary for the initial recuperation after any cosmetic surgery. Nose surgery is not an exception. Although the actual performance of the complete nose surgery can look somewhat horrific to a ordinary person, it is considered and reported as one of the less painful cosmetic procedure.


► Right after nose surgery

The first 48 hours after the operations, patients should sleep with their head elevated, refrain from wearing pullovers and wear clothes that button instead, keep their faces still and avoid blowing their nose.

Patients can return to work 2 weeks after the procedure. It is though advised to perform certain activities such as cycling or running only after 3 weeks and contact sports including football or volleyball after 6 weeks.

Touching the nose is restricted early after the operation. Your surgeon will assist you and say if it is all right to touch or massage your nose. Using UVA and UVB filters is applicable. Patients should sleep with their head elevated.

► Benefits of the rhinoplasty abroadbenefits-of-rhinoplasty.jpg

  • Facial symmetry and more balanced look
  • Enhanced shape
  • Removal of bumps and bulbous tip
  • Better breathing possibilities
  • More balanced look
  • Reasonable price
  • Qualified surgeon and team

► What to consider after nose surgery

When determining the candidacy for this procedure, the patient should take into consideration the time off work but most importantly they should make an appointment with the qualified surgeon who will make thorough assessment on skin quality, medical history, mental condition and cosmetic expectations.

All additional queries should be consulted with the surgeon who will be happy to advise you. 

► Preconditions and risks of nose surgery

Rhinoplasty patient (especially under general anaesthesia) risk the same complications possible with any type of major surgery. These include blood clots in the legs, or lungs, heart attacks, and bad reactions to anaesthesia . All these outcomes are extremelly rare.

Rhinoplasty also carries a small risk of postoperative bleeding and infections. The risk for aesthetic problems is higher.

About 15 percent of patients have various cosmetic deformities such as a residual hump, bump, asymmetry, collapse of the nose, arching nostrils or parrot beak, also known as „polly beak“, where fullness abnormal forms above the tip.

Minor side effects include bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes which will only last few days. 

► Recommended stay

It is highly recommended to stay in Košice, Slovakia for 8 days expecially after complete nose surgery.

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