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Patient safety

Patient safety must be or at least should be one of the priorities for all medical centers, hospitals whether they are private or state owned.



Patient Safety is not taken for granted at all times, be aware! 

Patient safety must be or at least should be one of the priorities for all medical centers, hospitals whether they are private or state owned.

Patient safety is now an important activity under the scope of ISAPS, International society of aesthetic plastic surgery, which is world's leading professional organization for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons.

This organization aims to secure that all patients undergoing aesthetic surgeries have the right, professional and safe service and treatment. This can be achieved only if all surgeons are fully qualified, experienced and certified for carrying out such procedures.

This benchmark means that surgeons pay a lot of attention to the patient safety and the provided health care.


Plastic surgery safety


The matter of patient safety is growing bigger and more important due to the fact that aesthetic plastic surgery is in a boom and it brings a vast economic and financial income to those who are involved in the professional field.

However, this fact takes the risk of encountering such people who are not qualified in the field, they are just looking for an easy earn and their work is more like a test than a professional and responsible job.


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Plastic surgery failure rate

The level of unsatisfied surgeries increased so much that in some countries, these procedures can be only performed by certified surgeons and this is regulated by legislation.


National patient safety goals


However, there are differences among the countries and the real state. While in some countries any MD can carry out a surgery, in Denmark or France only a certified plastic surgeon can perform such procedures and such procedures are regulated by law.

There are also countries where MDs are divided into different categories and they have various fields of professional surgical scope.


Patient safety guidelines

Each client should follow these seven basic rules:

  • Certified aesthetic plastic surgeon.
  • A membership in a chamber of aesthetic and plastic surgery.
  • Amount of experiences in years, number of carried procedures, number of carried procedures in aesthetic surgery,  number of specific surgeries carried out.
  • Individual and in person approach towards the client.
  • Surgeries of a vast scope, such as abdominal surgeries, extreme liposuctions of obese patients, breast modeling and augmentations shall not be performed at a small private medical centers which cannot provide necessary post operation care.
  • Each client must undergo precise pre operation examinations.
  • Be aware of too low price management, it may be a sign of low experienced surgeons, on the other hand, too high price may not be a guarantee of equally high quality.


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation


Safer cosmetic surgery

The topic of patient safety also includes so called Medical tourism. Medical tourism is a phenomenon when clients seek cheaper medical care in different countries. This medical tourism is growing on popularity as there are countries where clients can get an extremely high quality service and professional health care for extremely little money.

We believe that Slovakia is a country where such oportunity is a reality and clients can rely on professional approach and state-of-the art health care. 



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