When is the best time to undergo surgery?

Take your time and plan it as long as you need to be perfectly prepared for it.



Is summer the right time?

The busiest time when people might want to go for plastic surgery is in the summer. It is because people usually take a longer break from work, which might be very suitable for having done planned plastic surgery, subsequently with recovery.

It is natural that people make plans for the summer. They can go for plastic surgery abroad accompanied by some friends or family members, which is than like real holiday trip. Of course, with the summer that comes the idea of having perfect body for the beach, and so people tend to plan plastic surgery for the summer to improve their bodies.

On the other hand, recovery in the chilly months has real advantage. It is much more comfortable than recovery in the hotter months. It is because after most of the plastic surgeries, there are usually involved dressings, bandages, compression garments, etc. And so in the cooler months, to wear these things is much more comfortable.

Should I undergo surgery after Christmas?

Good time for having the plastic surgery is after the Christmas and New Year's Eve. When all hustle and bustle finishes, people have more time for themselves and for their recovery.

In Slovakia, we have temperate zone, and so climate during the year is suitable for having plastic surgery done at any time.

Do it when you feel good

Good time to have plastic surgery is when you feel good - you are mentally and physically healthy. Otherwise, it might happen, that you will undergo surgery for wrong reasons end all will end up with even more trouble and disappointment for you.

Important for making decision when to undergo surgery is being able to take some time off from work, too. There might be seasons when you will not be able to take days or weeks off from work because of busy time at work. Therefore, it is very important to know when your boss will allow you to take time off from work for your procedure and recovery.

If you come for plastic surgery abroad, you will continue in recovery back at home.

​There certainly are other things which affect your decision when to go for plastic surgery. Thus, take your time and plan it as long as you need to be perfectly prepared for it.


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