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Tummy Tuck Abroad

Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery, often times the price is out of reach. It is a common belief that if a service is expensive, the result is always impressive. Believe it or not there are services that can provide the same quality but in a much affordable price.


Can I afford it?

Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery, often times the price is out of reach. Price greatly affects the decision of the patients, no matter how much they want it, if they really can’t afford it, they will just ignore the idea or find another way to excess fat in abdominal area without spending too much. It is a common belief that if a service is expensive, the result is always impressive. Believe it or not there are services that can provide the same quality but in a much affordable price.

There are several factors that affect the cost of tummy tuck abroad, this includes surgeons popularity or expertise, location of clinic, facilities to be used, medication and condition of the patient. It also depends on the type of tummy tuck, a mini tuck costs less than the traditional while extended tummy tuck is much expensive than the traditional. If you ask how much is the real cost of tummy tuck, expect different surgeons to give different answers.

It’s way too expensive, patients lose interest upon realizing the price. In Slovakia, surgeons will explain everything, the after results, risks and price. They will explain how they come up with the price, there are things that need to be considered regarding the payment, from the surgeons fee down to the tiniest detail, in the end, patients will realize that they will save a lot.

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Tummy tuck in Slovakia

Slovakia is an EU member, since it became a member, it opened a lot of doors for the country, as of today, the number of patients are growing which only means that the service is good. Clinics aim to give excellent results to satisfy their patients. Prices are kept low to serve and reach more people, social status is not an issue anymore. Before, only the rich and famous can afford to have cosmetic surgery, but now, even those who are in the middle class can be beautiful without spending thousands of dollars. Others don’t mind spending huge money just to look good, but how about those who are in the middle class who also want to be beautiful? Why splurge when you can save? It’s just a matter of finding the right clinic.

In Slovakia, the average amount cost of tummy tuck is 2,000 euro, which is cheaper compared to other countries. Beware of clinics that charge hidden fees, ask for a detailed quote and inquire about the additional fees that may be charged. It is necessary to include details about the cost, 60 – 80% is usually allotted for the surgeon’s fee, while anesthesia, lab work, medications and compression garments may be included in the additional cost. Before the surgery takes place, make sure that you are fully aware of what you are paying.

The demand for tummy tuck increases, as a result, more clinics opened, the competition is tough and to attract more clients, they offer affordable prices, freebies and gives generous discounts to regular clients. If this is some kind of a marketing strategy, well this one is effective. Searching for a clinic and surgeon may take some time but once you found a reputable and trusted surgeon, it’s really worth the time and effort especially if they met or exceeded all your expectations. To avoid unexpected side effects, choose only an accredited clinic, complications may occur if you chose a less experienced surgeon. To determine the exact cost of your tummy tuck, contact your chosen clinic and make an appointment with the surgeon, once the surgeon determines what type of tummy tuck suits you, a quote will be given.



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