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Tracy's story

​Tracy, aged 53 from Eastbourne - See Tracy's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday. Tracy underwent Facelift incl. Neck lift, Tummy tuck and Liposuction.

Tracy's cosmetic surgery story


“I decided to looked myself a bit better so my husband did a research for me and found New Look Holiday in Slovakia. I went through the website and it was excellent, the prices, the pictures, well put together so it made me feel very comfortable. I felt 100% happy and confident from the first conversation we had, so I just wanted to book it. Dr Turkin is very lovely and friendly man and he knew exactly what I wanted. Everything was amazing and so professional.”


New Look Holiday - Tracy's story


See Tracy's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday.




Facelift surgery £ 1,830
Tummy Tuck £ 1,980
Breast Lift   £ 1,900
Eyelid Lift £ 920
Neck Lift   £ 1,280
Brow Lift £ 1,430
Nose Surgery £ 1,520
Breast Augmentation £ 2,710
Breast Reduction £ 2,310


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The consultations are free and you are under no obligation. Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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