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Lindsey's story

Lindsey, aged 33 from London - See Lindsey's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday. Lindsey underwent Tummy tuck and Breast augmentation.

Lindsey's story after cosmetic surgery


“I have been thinking about it for about three years. First thing what made me consider surgery abroad was a price as it's much cheaper than in England, second one was the possibility to recover before going back home. When I looked at the website, it was clear and very simple to use. After speaking to many places, New Look Holiday seemed as the best one as all my worries and questions were answered. I am even happier with my result I expected I would be. I am also glad I met Dr Turkin after the surgery when I recovered, I couldn't ask for more from the surgeon.”


New Look Holiday - Lindsey's story



See Lindsey's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday.




Facelift surgery £ 1,830
Tummy Tuck £ 1,780
Breast Lift   £ 1,900
Eyelid Lift £ 920
Neck Lift   £ 1,230
Brow Lift £ 1,430
Nose Surgery £ 1,520
Breast Augmentation £ 2,290
Breast Reduction £ 2,030


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