Hikmat's story

Hikmat, aged 38 from London - See Hikmat's story from his cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday. Hikmat had ear surgery.

Hikmat's story after cosmetic surgery


“I was quite confident person, however I decided to do something for myself to be even more confident. New Look Holiday was recommended by my girlfriend as she already had the surgery with them and they did amazing job. The prices were great and it looked very professional, so that was one of the reasons I prefered surgery abroad. They looked after us from the minute we arrived to Kosice through the whole stay and what's the most important is that I am more than happy with the result.”


New Look Holiday - Hikmat's story



See Hikmat's story from his cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday.




Facelift surgery £ 2,030
Tummy Tuck £ 2,060
Breast Lift   £ 2,390
Eyelid Lift £ 1,330
Neck Lift   £ 1,340
Brow Lift £ 1,430
Nose Surgery £ 1,890
Breast Augmentation £ 3,270
Breast Reduction £ 2,750


No hidden charges!


The consultations are free and you are under no obligation. Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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