Cathi's story

Cathi, aged 57 from Broughton - See Cathi's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday. Cathi had multiple surgeries after massive weight loss.

New Look Holiday - Cathi's story

Cathis story‚Äč

See Cathi's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday.

Video Transcript


What took you to decide having plastic surgery?

I lost 16 stone in weight which left lot of loos extra skin, I needed to get rid of. I just wasn't happy with the way I looked so I needed to get it cut away. Surgery is the only way to remove the loose skin.


What did you expect from your plastic surgery?

I didn't expect miracles I just wanted to look normal in clothes. So rather than just having a lot of skin I just wanted to get able to look normal.


How long have you been thinking about having plastic surgery done?

Since I've been losing the weight cause I knew I was going to have a problem. I knew that all a long I knew I was going to have a lots of extra skin so I knew it that the plastic surgery is the only way. I started to save up early.


What made you start thinking about having plastic surgery abroad?

The cost. It is much cheaper to have surgery abroad. It is just as good the surgeons are as qualified, if not more qualified as they are in the UK so I was happy to look abroad initially what I could do.


How did you find the website of New Look Holiday?

It is my friend who found it. She found it because one of her staff is Slovakian and recommended as a venue as a location for having surgery. But it's not something you'd think about? Slovakia, where is Slovakia?? We wouldn't know but when you start researching New Look Holiday, it's the one it looks the best when you go online. Very professional.


Why did you decide for New Look Holiday?

It looked professional, it looked the prices where good. Everything was explained very well on the website. So, it was no choice, really.


How was your first contact with New Look Holiday?

Very good, just go online, fill your details in, ask for consultation online and they do it very quickly.


How was your experience from the start? Very good?

First time it is very nerve-wracking, you don't know what to expect, you are going to a different country where you don't speak the language. But, New Look Holiday made everything so much easier because they speak English and translate for you. They just make everything easy from the moment you're getting off a plane to getting back on a plane to go back to the UK. So everything is done for you.


How was your arrival in Slovakia? How was the staff? Very welcome?

I found Ivan very easily. He had a board saying New Look Holiday. That was the first time. After that I recognized him so I didn't need the card, very friendly.


How did your consultation go?

I explained what I wanted. We already have done it by sending a video. I'd sent a video and pictures by email so Dr Turkin seen me before I saw him when I first met Dr Turkin. I explained what I wanted and he explained what I could have.


Did you feel comfortable with speaking about your change with the surgeon?

He is a doctor, he knows the best with a body, so I trusted him implicitly.


How did you feel at the day of your procedure?

A bit nervous, but everything was done for me. I didn't have to worry, I was picked up, I was collected, I was taken to all the pre-op tests and everything was explained to me exactly what I needed, what it's going to happen? Everything was good.


How did you feel after the procedure?

Tired? Sleepy? fine, cause I was only in hospital. First time I was only in hospital one night and I was brought back to the apartment. I was fine, no problem. They gave painkillers and antibiotics to take while came out and everything was good.


How was the staff?

Very, very friendly. Very, very good, very professional. Most of them spoke English or spoke a little bit of English. The ones that didn't speak English could go and find somebody who could speak English. I didn't have a problem with getting myself understood.


How did you feel about the plastic surgery clinic?

Very good, it was clean, well run, good position, good location.


How was the apartment you stayed in?

Very comfortable, warm, very close to a little shop where you can buy food from, only a few couple of miles from the town center and you can get a taxi for 3 EUR. Very easy to get around.


Do you have the results you wanted?

Instantly you get instant result but you can't tell until several months down the road and of all the surgeries I've done I've been very pleased, instantly and further down the road. I'm very pleased with what results I've had.


How did you feel about the town Kosice?

Kosice, is lovely little town. They are European city of culture last year. Didn't spend a lot of our time because you have only one day before you go in and then you have only a couple of days at the end of your holiday when you feel well enough to go in to town but there are nice shops there, nice restaurants? yeah very nice.


Would you recommend New Look Holiday?

I've recommend them every month, I get emails from people saying New Look Holiday sent me your details, can I ask you? and I tell them the truth, New Look Holiday will look after them very well, they will be pleased with their results and Dr Turkin will look after them too. Yes, I do recommend New Look Holiday.



Facelift surgery £ 2,030
Tummy Tuck £ 2,060
Breast Lift   £ 2,390
Eyelid Lift £ 1,330
Neck Lift   £ 1,340
Brow Lift £ 1,430
Nose Surgery £ 1,890
Breast Augmentation £ 3,270
Breast Reduction £ 2,750


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