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Breast modeling – reduction in a new fashion

Aesthetic surgery as well as any other profession has changed and developed a great deal. The change is continuous and new methods are quickly developing. Such changes follow one simple aim, the more developed the technique is, the more satisfied the client is.



Satisfaction brings not only more clients to medical centers but also reduces side effects and possible risks linked to a procedure. 

Circumvertical Breast Reduction


Each new method must be carefully evaluated and tested before it is declared as safer, more efficient and more beneficial. Such method is breast modeling using circumvertical incision. There are several reasons why to use this relatively new technique. To name but a few we should highlight the fact that the scar is a lot less visible as it only lies around the region of areola, the typical inverted T shape scar is eliminated, and the technique allows the surgeon achieve and build a round-conic projected breast.

There are benefits such as:

  • the vertical scar does not cross the inframammary fold
  • breast can be well shaped and expected shape is easier to achieve
  • modeling harmonic distribution of the wrinkles around the areola and getting a natural breasts look after the procedure and recovery period. 

This technique is a bit more difficult to be learnt for the surgeons but once they have practiced and perfected their skills, this technique gives the surgeon a great way how to reach the aim of prefect breast modeling


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Am I a good candidate for a Breast reduction?

Circumvertical technique is not restricted and we can say that it is suitable for most of the cases, such as saggy breasts caused by breastfeeding, major weight loss, etc. This technique can be combined also with breast implants to achieve optimal breasts size. However, it is not suitable for extremely large breasts, size G and larger, and a massive skin excess

Risk factors and complications in reduction mammaplasty

If you think of a surgery, you should also take into account the risks. This surgery and the circumvertical technique is not more risky than any other surgery in any way.

When all standard measures are kept, the risk level is minimized. Our medical centers follow strict European health rules in order to avoid infections and any complication as much as possible, all premises, materials, procedures meet the highest standards. Our staff is certified and specialized in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery so we make sure you are in hands of true professionals. 


Consultation are free and you are under no obligation


The procedure and aftercare

This technique doesn’t require any different aftercare as any other breast procedure. It takes about two hours and is performed in general anesthesia. The recovery period takes approximately six weeks while a special compressing garment must be worn (daily and nightly). Doing sports or lifting heavy objects is not recommended. A complete recovery and healing period take about nine months and after such time, the recovery is completed. The result lasts up to ten years and may stay the same unless a larger weight changes or pregnancy are present. 

If you consider a breast modeling, you should definitely think of the circumvertical technique. Our professional team is fully capable of performing the method achieving great results. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your possibilities. 


dr-turkin-small-image.jpgDr Oleg Turkin is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial, body and breast surgery. He has very dedicated approach to his work, aiming to give patients a first class service with more than 30 years experience.  
DR. OLEG TURKIN Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery


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