Benelli Breast Lift method

What are the advantages of Benelli Breast Lift?
The best candidate for Benelli Breast llift
Any disadvantages of Benelli Breast lift method?
Benelli breast lift cost
Recovery period after Benelli lift  

This method is not a traditional kind of a breast lift. It differs in several ways. First of all it does not lift the breasts directly, it makes them look and feel fuller, richer and firmer.


This is all achieved by combination of the method itself and insertion of implants. Secondly, the incision is of a different shape. Traditional breast lift is performed by so called anchor-shaped incision whereas Benelli Breast Lift is done by a circular shaped incision around the areola.

What are the advantages of Benelli Breast Lift?

The incision is a lot easier to be “hidden” or made invisible as it is lead around the areola and therefore our skillful and experienced surgeons are able to gently enter the breast and reattach the areola to the breast tissue.

There is no incision lead downwards as in traditional breast lift and thus no scars to be left.

Dr. Turkin says: Highly experienced surgeon is capable of blending the incision smoothly around the areola.

Therefore once the incision is healed, the scars or lines after the surgery are almost invisible and very difficult to be perceived. This technique also nicely solves the excessive skin all around the nipples.


Not only partly but generally most of the sagged tissue can be removed and loose skin is cinched up so that the nipples can get to a higher position. As mentioned above, this method is often done in combination with breast implants.

Breast implants can be used to reach extra fullness in case the breasts are sagged in greater scale or the client wishes to have larger breast volume than before the surgery.

The best candidate for Benelli Breast llift

This method is suitable and most often indicated in clients with moderate sagged breasts. The reasons of sagging vary.

It can be caused by weight loss, pregnancy or breast aging and hormone levels caused modifications. Benelli Breast lift is also highly recommended in uneven or widened areolas and enlarged areolas too.

Each of our clients receives a personal approach and consultations so that we can adjust client’s expectations and aesthetic goals to medical possibilities so that the most appropriate method is selected.

Any disadvantages of Benelli Breast lift method?

Firstly, this method is not suitable and recommended in extremely sagged breasts. However, it can perfectly solve mild and moderate sagging and often goes further than the clients expected.

The decision of the best method is always done after a consultation with our surgeons and all necessary factors are taken into account. Secondly, this technique is more difficult and thus requires a skillful and experienced surgeon.

All our surgeons are board certified plastic surgeons and have a wide range of experiences with such procedures.

Benelli breast lift cost

Our company provides you with professional approach and guaranties following strict standards despite the cost of the procedure. The major factor of such cost efficiency is lower labor expenses in our country. Among others you may find less administrative work, lower insurance costs, etc.

Recovery period after Benelli lift

Clients are usually able to get back to their normal daily routines after one week from the surgery. Standard recovery period depends on how extensive the surgery has been and if the surgery includes implants too. Nevertheless, a 3- month recovery period is a standard time.

Clients are always advised and instructed in person how to look after themselves and about the necessary aftercare. Please, contact us to learn more about the Benelli Breasts lift or other surgery options and arrange a free consultation with our professionals and surgeons.


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