Why is cosmetic surgery abroad cheaper?

How is it possible that the price for plastic surgery abroad is much less than in the UK?

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Medical tourism is growing from year to year. One of the reason is that there are cheap flights abroad available. The other one, even more important, is the reasonable price for cosmetic surgery. Price for cosmetic surgery abroad can be two times lower than the price for cosmetic surgery in the UK. Medical tourism trend abroad arises from economic situation of most people who have less disposable income than before.

Cosmetic surgery in Slovakia is cheaper up to 70%

There are countries who can offer even cheaper cosmetic surgery - up to 70% in comparison with the UK prices. One of such a countries is Slovakia member of EU. One might think how is it possible that the price for plastic surgery abroad is much less than in the UK? There are few factors that influence the final price when going for plastic surgery abroad. One of the factors which have the greatest impact on the Plastic surgery prices in Slovakia is salary of whole staff at the clinic, such as salary of the surgeons, nurses, administrative staff and the others, which are far lower than the salaries in the UK. Favorable exchange rates, lower price of services, cheaper transportation, the price for facilities and medication are other things which have a great impact on the final price for plastic surgery abroad as well.

Reasons why the costs are less abroad

The healthcare technologies and institutions are not behind the UK. Most hospitals for plastic and cosmetic surgery abroad use the exact same equipment and instruments as the most advanced hospitals in the UK. In addition, doctors are very skilled professionals and the procedures meet the strictest EU expectations. Following are reasons why the costs are less abroad:

  • Lower cost of labor
  • Lower real estate values
  • Lower construction costs (to build hospitals)
  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Lower government taxes
  • Less administrative paper shuffling
  • Less bureaucracy/red tape
  • Cheaper medical supplies/equipment/medications

In Slovakia you will not only be offered more than affordable price for your plastic surgery abroad, but you will be given excellent solutions for your new look from our classified surgeons with years of practice and experience in plastic surgery. Moreover, you will be given the quality service from the begining to the end of your stay provided by our team. Our team is here for each and every client to help and guide the client through her/his stay during cosmetic surgery abroad.


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