Some people find that undesirable unwanted fat cannot be removed by following any type of diet and exercise regime and it can only be removed via medical intervention.










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Liposuction, also known as fat reduction surgery, is a medical procedure that can help reshape the body by removing stubborn fat that cannot be removed by the usual methods. Liposuction should not be considered as an alternative to a balanced diet and physical exercise, but should be considered as an alternative that can compliment a diet and exercise regime.

The most typical areas of the body that can be treated by liposuction are:

  • Stomach (or abdomen) liposuction
  • Inner and outer thighs liposuction
  • Hips liposuction
  • Chin liposuction
  • Arms liposuction
  • Knees liposuction

Liposuction can be used in combination with other types of plastic surgery procedures such as the Tummy tuck, Breast reduction or the Male breast reduction.



Liposuction prices contain several useful services along with the surgery itself. There are pre and post-surgery examinations and consultations, consultations with the surgeon and check-ups before and after the surgery. Accommodation during your stay at the clinic is also included. We will await you at the airport and all journeys to and from agreed treatments are managed by our PA. A 24 hour duty on call is provided too for your comfort. 

Liposuction on one area 1,480 € £ 1,260
Liposuction on 2 areas 1,980 € £ 1,680
Liposuction on 3 areas 2,450 € £ 2,080
Liposuction on 4 areas 2,890 € £ 2,460
Liposuction on 5 areas 3,290 € £ 2,800
SlimLipo Laser Lipo on 1 area 1,680 € £1,430
SlimLipo Laser Lipo on 2 areas 2,180 £1,850
SlimLipo Laser Lipo on 3 areas 2,650 £2,250
SlimLipo Laser Lipo on 4 areas 3,090 € £2,630
SlimLipo Laser Lipo on 5 areas 3,490 € £2,970

There are no hidden charges!

discount on each additional procedure




People have found that liposuction can give the following benefits:

  • A boost to self-esteem
  • Attaining the desired body proportions
  • Incentive to keep the new shape
  • Ability to choose from a wider variety of clothes



Liposuction or Lipoplasty, can be performed under a local or general anasthetic, depending upon the area of the body being treated and the quantity of fat being removed. These two factors also determine the length of time of the liposuction which usually lasts 1 to 2 hours.

The actual liposuction surgery starts by the surgeon making a small incision into the area to be treated, after that a canula (small plastic tube) is inserted through the incision and the process of breaking up the fat cells and the fat removal begins.

The extraction of the fat is provided by a vacuum device. Depending upon the surgeon's perference or the area of the body being treated, a large syringe may be used instead of a canula.

Any fluid that is lost during the liposuction surgery will be replenished intravenously throughout and immediately following the surgery.

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Water Jet Lipo

Water Jet Lipo, also called Body Jet Lipo, uses water pressure to remove unwanted body fat. It uses a high pressure stream of fluid to infuse the fat deposits under the skin and prepare it for a gentle removal. It is minimally invasive type of liposuction delivering excellent results in body contouring and a long lasting effect. Water Jet Lipo technique uses less force, causes less bruising and swelling and therefore results in faster healing.

Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, other words ultrasound. This method is using ultrasonic waves to break up fat beneath the skin, turning it into liquid and then remove it by suction. At first a mix of saline solution and anesthetic or a tumescent solution is injected into the area of the area of the body being treated, then a high-frequency ultrasound vibrations break up the fat cells. After that a small cannula is inserted to remove the emulsified fat cells and liquid. This is one of the less invasive methods of liposuction, consequently minimizes the risk of damaging blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissue.

Tumescent Lipo

Tumescent Lipo is gentle and effective method of Liposuction where at first a solution containing anesthetic and capillary shrinking drug is injected into the fat that causes the blood vessels to shrink and relieves pain. The fat is then removed by suction. The word tumescent means swollen and firm and that is exactly what happens to the area being treated with this technique. Due to the drugs used in the injected solution, this method of Liposuction is considered least painful with minimal bleeding and bruising, outstanding results and lesser recovery period.

Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a technique that combines liposuction with laser treatment. Slim Lipo laser is a very small probe specially designed to target just the fat cells, so the nerve tissue and muscle is protected. It uses wavelengths to melt the fat and the heat tightens the skin of the area being treated. Because the probe is much smaller than the cannula used in other methods, the incisions are smaller resulting in minimal scaring.



The ideal candidate for liposuction is a person of average or just above average weight, psychologically and mentally fit to undergo the procedure with realistic expectations of what the liposuction surgery can achieve. Liposuction should not be used as a method for losing weight.

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​The amount of fat extracted from the body during the liposuction does not result in significant weight loss. However liposuction will shape your body in those problems areas you cannot shift by regular exercise and by following a balanced diet.

Ultimately it will help you to have the body shape you want, enable you wear the clothes you like and will boost your self-esteem to feel better about yourself.



It is likely that after your liposuction surgery you will experience some discomfort such as bruising, swellin, burning, numbness and pain in the affected area.  This should last only 1 to 2 weeks.

You may have some leakage of fluids from the incisions and a small canula may be inserted under the skin to help with the drainage of the fluid. To protect and support the area you will be required to wear an elastic garment which will also help to control the swelling and help your skin fit to the new contours of your body.

It is quite normal to feel anxious and depressed after the liposuction for a few days or weeks. This feeling will subside once you begin to feel better and start to see the shape of the new you.



It takes about 2 weeks to recover from the liposuction surgery, however some bruising, swelling and soreness may last up to six weeks or more.

There will be some initial scarring left by the incisions, but these are very small and they will fade over time to be almost invisible. The stitches will be removed 1 week after the surgery or they will dissolve depending upon which stitches were used.

You will be encouraged to walk about after your liposution surgery by the medical staff to prevent blood clots forming and to improve circulation around the treated area. You will also be advised to wear the supportive elastic garment during your recovery period.

You will be advised that you should not attend work for at least 2 weeks, you should not undertake any strenuous exercise for at least 4 weeks and the the medical staff will advise you of what else is needed for your aftercare considering the area of the body that has received treatment.



You will see a discernable difference to your body shape quite soon after your surgery. The most noticable differences should occur after about 6 weeks when the initial swelling has subsided and then after 3 months when most of the swelling will disappear and your new look will become apparent to yourself and those around you.

At New Look Holiday we are sure that you will be very happy with the results once the realisation of your expectations are complete. You will be more comfortable within yourself and will feel more confident being able to wear the variety of clothes you have wanted to wear.

If you continue to follow a healthy diet and get regular exercise there is no reason why you should not be able to maintain your new new look.



Before you decide to have any type of cosmetic surgery, you need to examine your reasons, have realistic expectations of the outcome and take into consideration many other factors regarding the chosen surgery. Every surgery carries some risks and these will be explained to you in advance of your surgery and you can discuss all your concerns with us and your surgeon.

Some examples of factors that should be considered are as follows:

  • Childcare during your stay in Slovakia.
  • The amount of sleeping space you will require enable you rest properly.
  • Recovery time after the surgery.
  • How much time it will need to take off before you return to work?
  • The longevity of the visible results.
  • How long it will take before fully resuming normal activities?



Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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