Clinic photos

cosmetic-surgery-entrance-small.jpg  cosmetic-surgery-waiting-room-small.jpg  cosmetic-surgery-corridor-small.jpg

cosmetic-surgery-dermatology-small2.jpg  cosmetic-surgery-consulting-room-small.jpg  cosmetic-surgery-dermatology-small.jpg

cosmetic-surgery-patient-room-small.jpg  cosmetic-surgery-bath-room-small2.jpg  cosmetic-surgery-bath-room-small.jpg


Hospital photos


4.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg

6.jpg  5.jpg  1.jpg


Apartments photos

Apartment no.1 in Topolova street  Apartment no.1 - in Topolova street Kosice  bathroom shower

livingroom - Topolova street - cosmetic surgery apartment  Apartment no.2  - Topolova street - cosmetic surgery apartment  Apartment no. 2  - Topolova street - cosmetic surgery apartment

living-room.jpg  living-room2.jpg  double-bedroom.jpg


Slovakia photos

vysoke-tatry-male.jpg  spisky-hrad2-male.jpg  spisky-hrad-male.jpg

lyziary2-male.jpg  lyziary-male.jpg  lyziar-male.jpg

tatralandia-male.jpg  lanovka-lomnicky-styt-male.jpg  bardejov-male.jpg


Kosice photos

kosicky-dom-male.jpg  kosice2-male.jpg  kosice-male.jpg

kosice-theatre-male.jpg  kosicky-dom2-male.jpg  kosice-fountain-male.jpg


Patients stories


Lindsey picture from her video interview

tracy's cosmetic surgery story






Lindsey's story                                                    Tracy's story


photo of christine testimonial






Cathi's story                                                    Christine's story







Kate's story 


Before and After photos



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