How to achieve more youthful image with nose tip surgery?

Tip rhinoplasty procedures concentrates on the soft parts of the nose and includes the skin, lateral cartilages that are paired, and subcutaneous tissue.

Tip nose surgery
2 ways how to correct tip of your nose
What you can expect after tip nose surgery
If you decide for the tip rhinoplasty please consider following


► Tip nose surgery

This type of surgery is performed to achieve the tip definition, and bulbous tip refinement. This is often connected with elevating the nasal tip to shorten the nose and thus maintain more youthful image.


The cartilages are modified inside the tip of the nose by the plastic surgeon under general anesthesia.

Dissolvable stitches are generally used in order to avoid the need for removal.

Your surgeon is able to manipulate with the arched lateral cartilages to boost or lower the projection of the tip whatever you wish for.

The further detailed considerations comprise the rotation of the tip, the angle between the tip and your upper lip, as well as the width of the tip of your nose.

► 2 ways how to correct tip of your nose


Tip of your nose may be corrected in two possible ways:

  • By removal of the excess cartilage and creation of a new shape of your nose
  • By fining off the cartilage between lateral and medial cruras.

It allows for the lapse of the lateral cartilages and designing  “a new nose“. 

► What you can expect after tip nose surgery

Since the nose tip surgery is a straightforward procedure, no special restrictions are necessary apart from the contact sports and sunbathing for the first few months.

A slight discomfort might be felt 24 hours after the surgery as the cotton dressing will be placed in your nostrils and you will have to breathe through your mouth solely. 

► If you decide for the tip rhinoplasty please consider following

In case you are obsessed with the some celebrity and you want exactly the same nose as he/she has, or if you feel insecure about the tiny flaw on your nose only, your rhinoplasty surgeon might refuse to perform the operation.

Even if the positive result will assuredly increase your self-esteem, you should keep in mind that with the brand new nose you will not be treated differently by your friends, colleagueas, or relatives.


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