When to consider breast reduction surgery?

Plenty of women all around the world are unhappy, complain or even envy others that they were not blessed and Mother Nature did not enrich them with nice, significant breasts. However, there are many women who take this blessing more as a drag and find big breasts inconvenient.


Enormous breasts, which are mostly considered attractive and many women wish to have them, become a problem for the woman who has them. The breasts’ size often causes health problems, such as back pains, movement restrictions, unwanted public attention and often problems when buying clothes. These attributes can have a negative impact on woman’s physical and mental health. The solution for such situation is the same as in women with small breasts – plastic surgery.

Breast decrease or size reduction is today a common procedure performed by surgeons and each of them proves a significant improvement of client’s lifestyle and health contribution. On top of that most of the clients also achieve psychological relief and that is the most valuable benefit as they feel a lot more confident and satisfied with their appearance.


How to Prepare for a Breast Reduction Surgery?

Each procedure requires preparation stage. This stage is important and makes the whole process successful and cannot be underestimated or omitted. Every client must pay attention to this stage of the process as it is the only way how to prevent and avoid any contraindications or risks.

In case the procedure is planned in the morning hours, the client must not drink, eat nor smoke since midnight prior the procedure. Any medication that can influence blood clotting must be put off, however after a consultation with MD. Hormone contraception – birth control pills – are ruled out only in clients with higher risk levels.


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What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure and it is connected with certain risks and side effects. These risks are prevented and eliminated by pre-operative examinations and preventive assessment measures. These examinations and test efficiently find and discover any contraindications that  could prevent you from having the surgery. Most contraindications can be overcome in a period of time using mediction or following medical advice. C

Common contraindications are local inflammation, any general diseases, such as cold, influenza, infectious diseases, etc. Future planned pregnancy is not a contraindication, however it is recommended to postpone the procedure after the planned pregnancy. In case the breasts cause a major discomfort or health problems, breast procedure is performed even before the pregnancy. This decision is discussed with the surgeon and detailed scenario is set.



How is breast reduction done?

This procedure is usually performed in general anesthesia. Breast reduction involves removing excess breast tissue, fat and sagging skin. This procedure not only reduces the size of breasts but involves breast modeling and breast areola positioning to a higher position so that a natural and youthful appearance is achieved.

Surgical incisions are then lead around the edge of areola and down from the areola to inframammary fold depending on the scope of the procedure. In some cases it is possible to have only one incision around areola or a vertical incision.

Large areolas are reduced to smaller size. There are visible scars after the procedure in above mentioned scope. Reduced nipples’ sensitivity can be present in some cases. The scars usually fade after some time (about a year after the procedure) and when given proper care, and are easily concealed by clothing.


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Breast Reduction Recovery

Each client needs to have bed rest after the procedure; the breasts are tightened by sterile bandage. This bandage is later replaced by special compression garment. This garment provides breasts with necessary support, keeps them tight and in the right position. Wearing such garment plays important role in the whole process of the procedure and healing phase so that the procedure will bring desired result.

Breast may well be swollen and bruised for the first few days after the procedure but the swelling will quickly disappear and the final shape and breasts’ size is apparent soon afterwards. After necessary time of supervision in the medical center, client is released to a home care.

Recommending ultram (or tramadol) to patients who have problems with strong pains caused by fractures or after surgery. It results less addictive compared to morphine, following the 2014 report from WHO, there has been only minimal physical addiction evidenced. But if speaking about psychological one, it can occur.

The recovery time is individual and depends on client’s natural healing ability. Help with everyday activities may be needed for a few days after the procedure. Physical activities are restricted to walking; this helps the incisions to heal properly. The formation of scars and their appearance can be helped with proper care, wearing of the garment and following surgeon’s instructions. This stage is however very individual with each client and can vary in certain aspects.

After the procedure, the client can enjoy smaller and lighter breasts which will improve her lifestyle and make her feel better. Health issues disappear quite soon afterwards and when the client follows healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable weight, the result can last almost forever. 



dr-turkin-small-image.jpgDr Oleg Turkin is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including facial, body and breast surgery. He has very dedicated approach to his work, aiming to give patients a first class service with more than 30 years experience.  
DR. OLEG TURKIN Consultant surgeon in plastic surgery



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