What to avoid before and throughout the plastic surgery

What to avoid and how to behave to ensure a perfect result is a frequent question. However, sometimes clients seem to be surprised when the job is finally done.



Aesthetic or cosmetic or plastic surgery is a commonly performed procedure these days. There are a lot of plastic procedures that can be required by clients so that their looks can be improved often with health benefits as well.

What to avoid and how to behave to ensure a perfect result is a frequent question. However, sometimes clients seem to be surprised when the job is finally done.


Planning your plastic surgery

There are steps to be followed regarding every cosmetic surgery but of course there are other rules depending on the specific kind of procedure.

The very first one is to be physically fit, not suffering from any acute illness such as cold, flu or infection. This is very important to bear in your mind, since any surgery brings extra demands to our body and there is also a higher risk that the illness would cause complications during surgery or throughout recovery.

Chronic diseases are not contraindication in most cases,  but you must inform your surgeon about any of your health issues and the medicines you take on regular basis.


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Seriousness of the procedure - anesthesia

When it comes to plastic surgery, we should distinguish two elementary differences. Surgery performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia.


Your surgeon will inform you about the way your procedure will be performed. Local anesthesia doesn’t keep you away from everyday activities for a very long time.

Within a few hours or days you are able to get back to your previous lifestyle (depending on the procedure). General anesthesia requires more time to recover from.

General anesthesia affects whole body and induces a loss of consciousness. Once it is necessary, it means that the procedure is also of larger scope and therefore it takes longer to recover from.

The time range of recovery differs depending on the complexity of the surgery and can be anything from 1 week to 6 weeks from the procedure.


What to do and what to avoid within plastic surgery

It is a good idea to plan your procedure and act accordingly. Usually the client knows the date of the surgery in advance of days or weeks. It is recommended to avoid excessive drinking and smoking several days before your procedure and eat light meals.

Healthy lifestyle and diet can contribute to overall result and make the recovery period shorter.

Keeping fit and exercising regularly prior to the surgery is beneficial for the recovery. On the day before your procedure drink pure water, eat moderately and try to cut down on smoking.

Don’t eat later than 10 hours before your procedure. The same applies to drinking water if your surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol beverages.

Use of any illegal substances is prohibited too. If you are under the influence of any above mentioned or illegal substances, your procedure will be postponed or cancelled.

If it is possible, try to keep calm. Try not to worry too much as mental contentment is very important. When planning your trip, it is a good idea to plan to take a companion with you. This person can be with you for most of the time and be your support when you need it. Being informed is important too and helps you stay in a good mental shape. Ask your surgeon any questions you can think of so that you feel at ease and calm.


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After the surgery you should follow your surgeon’s advice and instructions on how to take care of yourself. Alcohol beverages, smoking, illegal substances are ruled out, at least for the next couple of days as these might cause interaction with the chemicals which are used during anesthesia and result in complications.

Recovery period is highly important and crucial in the overall result. Performing excessive physical activity is not recommended. Depending on the procedure, it may take from one to six weeks until you can have your previous lifestyle back.

If you have been advised by your doctor to start with Klonopin, you need to be sure in the quality of the drug, since in this case it might even result in a lethal accident. We always recommend our patients to purchase it from trusted sources as well-known pharmacies or webs as https://buyklonopintabs.com.

The first week requires special care and limited ability of activities. Each procedure involves certain level of pain and soreness.

These can be eased by painkillers. Bed rest is recommended in most cases. However, on the 7th to 10th day it is OK to travel, even by plane, and you can slowly start to increase the amount of physical activity.

Your contribution to the recovery by following aftercare instructions represents a great deal in the whole process of the procedure and the final result. Following a healthy diet, lifestyle and following surgeon’s advice is the best way to achieve the best results. 




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