What is inverted T Breast Lift?

How do we do the Inverted “T” Breast lift?
How much does the Inverted “T” Breast lift cost?
Other options for a breast lift
Inverted “T” Breast lift summary

The inverted T Breast Lift is a technique indicated in women suffering from moderate or severe breast sagging. The technique is called by the shape of the incision typical for this kind of procedure. The scar created during the procedure goes down in the middle and continuous alongside the base of the breast, often called Anchor pattern breast lift.


Inverted “T” breast lift perfectly fits the needs of women with severe skin excess, for example after a massive weight loss or a great breast deflation, after pregnancy, etc. This technique is one of the most effective one in terms of breast lift.

How do we do the Inverted “T” Breast lift?

Firstly, a central vertical incision in a shape of a key-hole is made. This is followed by a transverse incision lead in the base of the breast, in its skin fold so that it is not visible later.

Having these two incisions made allows the surgeon to remove maximal amount of skin excess and shape the breast into an ideal shape and position. This procedure may also affect the deep layers of breasts and attribute in shaping the breasts.


Eventually, the areola is shifted to a higher position and the incision is closed around the areola and downwards to the center of the breasts continuing along the breast’s base.

Areola remains connected to blood vessels, nerves and the tissue of breast during the procedure and therefore its function and perception are not affected by the procedure. The size of the incision may vary and it depends on the amount of the removed skin.

How much does the Inverted “T” Breast lift cost?

We offer this procedure with a great expense saves comparing to UK prices. You can save as much as 70% with a standard Inverted “T” Breast lift.

Although the price is a lot more favorable, there is no reason to be worried about the quality or professionalism. We follow the highest level of medical standards and all our staff is certified and registered in plastic surgery board.

For detailed price list, please visit our web page or contact us directly and arrange a free consultation.

Other options for a breast lift

There are several methods or techniques to select from in order to achieve a breast lift. To mention but a few, we can take into account Lollipop method, Beneli Breast lift, Vertical and Non-Vertical breast surgery, etc.

The best option for each client is always carefully chosen after a series of personal consultations with our team of professionals and several aspects are considered, such as general health condition of the client, stage and scope of breast sagging, expectations and many more.

Inverted “T” Breast lift summary

The Inverted “T” Breast lift technique is the best option in severe skin excess and massive breast sagging. Due to its scope it enables to remove larger amount of skin and achieve nice shaping and tightening of the breasts.

A few weeks after the surgery, the breasts are swollen, extremely tight and perky. However, after this recovery period, the breasts get a nice round shape and they slightly drop down and get rich or full in vision. 


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