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What is Lipofilling?

The location of fat deposits on human body is changing over time. It is well seen in the face, especially in the lower third that is fuller in childhood. Later, in the adult stage of life, the proportions start to even up and middle age brings loss in adipose tissue, for example some fatty areas of the face become reduced in size and uneven distribution is detected.




The excess fat that is accumulated in the individual local areas of thighs, abdomen, or hips might be used to enhance the desired areas such as lips, chin, cheeks, area under the eyes and other areas to create more beautiful and brighter image of your face. In addition, you will get more youthful and fresher look.


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The aim of fat transfer is to restore rounding or fat filling in the areas where fat has disappeared due to gravity and atrophy. Its indication is the correction of unsatisfactory condition after the operations. Like with other methods of plastic surgery, this procedure is often combined with excision of soft tissue, tissue suspension or the application of fillers.



The main advantage of lipofilling is that it does not leave any visible scars. After the process of sedimentation and separation, fat is applied in syringes by overpressure in small amount making sure that fat cells are surrounded by vital tissue and nutrition is provided.

Only a very small amount of fat with each pass of the canula is injected into a given place, where needed. The grafted fat is thus in direct contact with the surrounding tissue and enables the fat to grow very fast in the particular vessels. This is the way how fat survives.



MD Oleg Turkin PhD

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