Cosmetic surgery: obsession and addiction

We live in the world where beauty, not moral principles define our aims. These days, good-looking, attractive people represent good characters in the movies, omnipresent commercials, or other kinds of media.


It is said that 80% women are not completely satisfied with the way they look. It is great to know hot to grow old with grace, however, we often tend to defy the signs of growing old by means of filler injections, plastic operations, or another cosmetic procedures. After all, why not?

Standard appearance adjustments are absolutely normal, after all, but we can´t exaggerate them.

Cosmetic surgeries are one of the ways to heighten your self-confidence and content. We all want to look gorgeous. We would like to look younger, slimmer, with fuller lips and firm breasts. Sometimes, even tiny change might make us feel better and motivate us to further self-improvement. 

Plastic surgery used to be a privilege of wealthy celebrities in the past. Nowadays, almost everybody can afford to udergo some type of cosmetic surgery. There has been a big boom in cosmetic procedures and then addiction come along with them.

► Plastic surgery addiction

The addiction is becoming the world phenomenon. It is called body dysmorphic disorder (BBD), constant dissatisfaction with your appearance and looking for a flaw in your body. Initial enjoyment may turn into restlessness. It can lead to depression and anxiety in some cases, that after all attempts the results have not come.

There are also patients who feel more and more terrified after looking in the mirror day by day. They can see something that does not exist that is only present in their brains.


Some desperate patients live in isolation because they do not want other people to see their „deformed bodies“. Except for the helplesness people with this type of addiction might feel, there are other negative impacts such as family break down, career destruction or loss of much amount of money.

Plastic surgery addiciton is related to many celebrieties such as Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein or ageless Cher. As every addiction also the addiction to cosmetic surgery has to be treated. In most cases, specialised psychological therapy is advised.

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