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Read our leading cosmetic surgery and beauty blog offering readers all the necessary information about the cosmetic surgeries for women and men. We do not take a closer look at the most common surgeries such as Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction only but we analyze every single procedure.

Take a look at these articles from our professional surgeons who have already mastered the art in cosmetic surgeries. You can find the facts about every treatment, method or implants.

Our blogs also explain the financing options for your treatment as there ways of how to fund your chosen procedure. We want you to understand as much as possible before deciding so we do explain step by step of how medical travel works. Let us introduce our clinic, a team of surgeons and their recommendations, tips and beneficial information to you in our beauty blogs

There are also always the most modern methods and techniques about cosmetic surgeries & med spa procedures updated on our cosmetic treatment blog to bring them to your attention so you know what is trendy in the “cosmetic surgery world”

If you have any questions regarding plastic surgery or want some recommendation, you can get the advice from our experts directly. All facts about cosmetic surgeries mentioned in the articles, but there is any information missing or you want to discuss more you call our free number, email us or fill the medical form and we will contact you back.



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Tummy Tuck Abroad

Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery, often times the price is out of reach. It is a common belief that if a service is expensive, the result is always...
Cosmetic surgery for women
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New Laser Liposuction Technology

Don't worry about unwanted fat, cellulite or loose skin. Indulge on a luxury premium method of treatment with the top American laser SlimLipo from the company Palomar for an...
Types of plastic surgery
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We are now accessible on social networks

As social networks become part of our everyday lives, New Look Holidays is now accessible to all of you through the biggest social networking media Facebook and Google Plus. Via...
Cosmetic clinic
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Direct flights to Kosice

You won’t have to travel to Budapest Airport and then 2 hours drive to Kosice where our clinic is. From September we will meet directly in Kosice Airport and your way to have...
Medical travel
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PIP implants

The PIP breast implant controversy continues to grab the headlines across Europe. Concerns have been raised by women who have had their breast implants as “cosmetic surgery...
Cosmetic clinic


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