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About Tummy tuck

The art of a professional aesthetic surgeon lies in the right indication. They need many years of experience to do this. It is possible to achieve satisfying results without making large incisions.


It is possible with the methods of liposuction, especially with the collections of fat in the abdomen area.

However, if there is a lot of surplus skin and the patient has lost more than 30 kg in weight, or pregnancies have severely stretched the upper abdomen and periumbilical region, abdominoplasty - Tummy tuck is indicated.


About Tummy tuck

The tummy tuck removes the excess skin, fat, the hanging skin (apron) and often strengthens the weakened muscles. If it is necessary to tighten only the lower abdomen, it might be possible to keep the navel’s position without moving it. However, it is often necessary to make an incision around the navel and reimplant this in the correct place.

Dissection is performed around the area of the abdominal fascia (collagen-based tissue) as far as the costal arch. The whole cutaneous flap shall be then pulled down. After that, the resection follows, with the upper body slightly flexed.


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The results after Tummy tuck

The majority of patients are very pleased with the result, which is firmer abdominal contour of the abdomen. The patient is then asked to apply a silicone plaster one month after the surgery for about 2 months. It is important to care for the scar.


Tummy tuck prices

When deciding for cosmetic surgery, the price is often one of the deciding factors. We can offer you affordable Tummy tuck cost performed by fully qualified and certified plastic surgeons with years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Cost of the Tummy tuck  in the UK are often out of reach for many and we try to make the cosmetic and plastic surgery available and affordable for everyone.


Tummy tuck recovery

The procedure is carried out under general anasthesia and the patient stays in hospital for a few days depending on the surgeon’s decision. In the postoperative period, the physical restrictions are quite short, unless it is related to the exposed areas, such as buttom - sitting and arms – manually working patients.

The clients are required to wear elastic garment in order to compress the skin. Patients are allowed to start working three months following the operation in physically undemanding professions.

Tummy tuck is here for you if you have developed funny apron-like skin surplus around your abdomen and no exercise can fix it. Tummy tuck will cheer you up! Take care on your tummy tuck journey!



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